Where God Is Found

I happened to catch an interview with Philip Yancey, earlier today, talking about his latest book, The Question That Never Goes Away.   You may remember Yancey, as 30 years ago, he published Where Is God When It Hurts. What prompted this post, was a brief story he shared, where 30 years ago, an interviewer opened […]

12+ Hours of Awe

Last night, I visited a church of the same denomination I attend at home. Traveling for work,  I was debating back and forth if I would have the time to go or not, but made the decision to find one close to where I was.  A quick google search turned up a few miles away, […]

The Critical Apex

“I was doing fine until about mid-corner when I ran out of talent.”  -unknown Similarly, Don Garlits is quoted: “Everything was fine until I left, and then I ran out of talent!” I came to a humbling realization last night in my life; it’s one I’ve known about for quite a while and one I’ve […]

Afflictions Eclipsed By Glory

Stealing a line from a David Crowder Band song, the phrase clicked this morning, shortly after reading the books of 1st, 2nd & 3rd John.  I have been the worst offender of late, getting caught up in the circumstances and frustrations of life and the seemingly, never-ending on-goings thereof. Never-ending on-goings. There’s a paradox for […]

What Future “Selfies” Want To Know!

Well…has it changed? Did you do yesterday what you said you would do tomorrow? Did you learn your lesson(s)? Did you fail at repeating same mistakes? Did you defeat procrastination? Did you become what you always looked up to? Are you still wishing or finally living? I hope for the sake of Christ, you have […]

How I Almost Missed God

For the past three weeks now, I have found myself attending a church service, not of my home church…all 3, in fact, far from home. Interestingly enough, the themes built upon each other…in sequential order of all things. The first two tied into how we focus on our circumstances, then proceed to doubt our ability, […]

How I Survived The Bullies…

…does it still count that it was before the days of social media?? Probably, yes. Because for the select few that really went out of their way to pick on me, they would not have had access to my Facebook page. My parents, to their credit, would have been pretty selective in watching and teaching […]