The ROOT of all roots

**editor’s note: So, the editor I use for and the prayers that can be read directly at is not cooperating. Technical difficulties, preventing me from publishing this post.  Support, when they finally got the post to publish, had no content!  So, here is what I am trying to publish… today’s #communitySaturday prayer, which clearly is under a spiritual attack.


As I’ve reflected the past few days of what we are experiencing as a nation, one thing is clear. The problem is complex. The solution is simple. And as you can read about in my personal blog; the conversation will be unbelievably difficult.  (SO NOT READY)

Rightful and reasonably so, as our experience is diverse. Our upbringings are broad. Our knowledge is vast. And if we allow a moment of honesty in our lives, the confessions will be humbling.

Many will try to identify the root cause of the problems and challenges we face. As a society. As a nation. As a church. As a community. However, as it goes with roots, there is never one. It is a system. Of varying lengths. Of different thicknesses. Tangled and twisted, sorting through it all will take time. And grabbing roots will be like grasping at straws.

We are all law-breakers.

For all the the labels and identifiers we are known by based on our behaviors and decisions, they all stem from the source… the sole root, that once removed spells the beginning of the end for the offshoots.

As the church engages the community, pray the truth of the matter be revealed in the heart of every life.


It lives in the heart of all of us. Some labels assigned to behaviors, tendencies and lifestyles sound worse and more damaging than others, but at any given moment, one decision could secure us severe consequences.

I could admit many faults. I could confess to many identifiers and labels, for I am no better than the worst offender. So the only confession and admittance that overcomes the root of SIN is simple. Yet tragedy will continue as society continues to deny the power that lies in one simple statement.

“Hello. My name is Peter. I am a Sinner. I am in need of a Savior.”

Any other confession, however noble and admirable it may be, whether made to one individual in a private conversation or proclaimed in a status update on social media, is secondary to the acknowledgement of our need to be in right relationship with God, through the person of Jesus Christ.

Any other solution is nothing more than applying a bandage to a patient in need of open-heart surgery. Which is essential what that confession does… allows Jesus Christ to remove the root of Sin. It doesn’t fix us, as there are still other auxiliary roots left behind, but with the source removed, it allows Christ to work in our lives, such as the visible issues to which society looks at and says, we should do something about this.

Yes. Yes we should. Humble ourselves in the sight of God and pray.

On this #communitySaturday, may there finally be a turning point in our world, where the blinders fall off, and in looking for the root of the problem, many will find the TRUE source that needs to be dealt with. Pray that in finding the heart of the matter within the life of every individual, may they acknowledge that faith in God alone through the person of Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end of the only confession that needs to be declared.



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