Would You Join Me in Prayer?! (A BringMe70 repost)


When it comes to social media, at least the one particular platform that I frequent the most when I am online, I know most everyone in real life. I preface that for a reason… the person I am about to share with you, is one of the few who I do not know in real life.

While I am blessed and grateful to have watched her life from afar the past few years, she is the focus of today’s #communitySaturday prayer.

A successful entrepreneur, Stephanie is a master at her craft. A personality, that from every comment I’ve read on her page, exudes a passion for life and a love for people; two things, no doubt the by-product of her devoted faith in God and a close walk with the person of Jesus Christ. From what I have witnessed, her husband, also an all-around great guy.

Then… her grade-school aged daughter. This  kid… like I said, sometimes it’s amazing what you can pick up from a distance… this young girl, is a class-act kid. A child of promise has been incredibly gifted. I have no doubt she will accomplish great things in her life; making an impact in the world, not because of who she is, but because of how God is already using her to be a blessing and an inspiration at such a young age. Much, exactly like her mother… who announced, the day after her birthday this week, the ugly truth.

After having already beat one battle with cancer, round 2 is proving to have come back with a vengeance. Sadly and much to the heart-break of everyone she knows in real life and the tons of people like me she doesn’t, the doctors have predicted 9-12 months remaining, of life on earth as we know.

I’ve watched the past few weeks, what are thousands of comments of love and support and prayers. And while there’s no way in my busy schedule to read them all, it has to be overwhelming for this dear friend. The ones that stood out… I don’t know you, but I will pray for you.

People… community coming together, as those that do know her are flooding her social media page and creating specific prayer pages on social media, for people to lift this situation and her family to the Lord in prayer…. believing for the miraculous. And her story is being seen and read by those who don’t know her, who have compassion. People of faith storming the throne-room of heaven, praying God’s will; praying for the miraculous healing in this mortal body; praying for the strength and comfort of the Holy Spirit to this family.

With thousands of comments, I can’t imagine that mixed in, there are not people who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; yet believe in prayer or are willing to pray intervention and healing in Stephanie’s body. Community… those of faith in God and those who have yet to come to faith; both offering prayers and support for this child of God; anointed to impact and influence the lives of thousands.

On this #communitySaturday, would you join me and thousands more, in lifting up in prayer, Stephanie and her family. May God’s will be accomplished in this latest prognosis. Pray for healing in her body, whether she experiences it here on earth or a heaven-bound eternity. Pray for strength and comfort for this young family; for the legacy she has built; for what God desires to accomplish during this time… may it be one that causes many to do some introspection of their own lives; perhaps the witness of her life will prompt others to seek God and what it means to live life as a follower of Jesus Christ. May this time be used to bring glory and honor to God; wherever she goes; whoever she comes in contact with; whatever conversations transpire, either online or in real life… whether it’s 12 months or 12 more years or a full life; clearly God is not quite done with Stephanie just yet. For however long she still has air in her lungs, may her time not be wasted; as God is not One of waste; but uses every last detail… what the enemy of our souls tries to use to destroy us, God uses for good, to accomplish His plan and purpose in our lives.

And though it’s often sad circumstances that bring us together, pray that community, regardless of faith, would join in force together more than we use our energies to battle against each other. For none of us are our own. Christ desires that all of us would experience what Stephanie has… an abundant live full of joy and purpose; not because of anything she is or does, but because of what Jesus Christ accomplished for her; through His death and resurrection…. as the church just celebrated a couple weeks ago.

On behalf of Stephanie, thanks in advance for your prayers.

For the glory of God. For the cause of Jesus Christ. Made victorious in all things, through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Death, nor the prospect of it… nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Thanks be unto God; now and forevermore.


ps… you can join in prayer here on social media:  @prayersforstephanie


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