Playing Doubles (A BringMe70 repost)


**editor’s note: My apologies in advance if I’ve used this before… some things are worth repeating (plus, after 300 posts, there’s bound to be some overlap)

For whatever reason yesterday, I was thinking about the movie, Facing The Giants. Actually, I probably do know the reason why, but one line in particular continues to stand out from that movie. The backstory, is of a football coach who 4 years ago, took on a losing-record football team at a small, Christian school. While trying to figure out how to turn the team around, he is also being challenged in his faith. To witness the exchange as he tries to practice in his own life, what he is desires to instill into the team is pretty incredible.

In a scene, where one of the students is waiting for his father to be picked up, the coach has this exchange, commenting on  their relationship.

You can’t judge your father by his actions, then judge yourself by your intentions. It doesn’t work that way.”
– Coach Grant Taylor

What an incredibly profound, yet overtly simply piece of wisdom. Funny enough, we all do it. Or have at some point.

Nobody likes double-standards. It causes political backlash. It causes marital strife. It causes separations among friends. In light of eternity, it turns people off to church and the concept of Christianity. It prompts those within the church to leave and go somewhere or worse, neither go somewhere or come back to Christ. In our attempts to understand God and who He is, at times, we even accuse God of this game!

It’s easy to look at other situations, other lives and wonder… what are they thinking? And while, perhaps not a 1:1 relationship, let me use some literary exaggeration and say, that for “every” time you have that moment, someone is looking at your life asking the same question. Why is that? Because we all justify why what we do or say is a worthy and worthwhile moment in time, while the other side “has no excuse”. It’s frustrating to experience; for both parties. And it really is a game… albeit not a very pleasant as and when it unfolds.

And the eternal consequence is the real kicker. Granted we can’t expect an unsaved world to know and understand all spiritual principles, but then again, Christianity is pretty basic. And when the body of Christ fumbles, sadly, the world uses it as an argument against God.

We can’t walk on eggshells, but we can walk in ways that are more reflective of Christ Himself and less of the person proclaiming to follow Christ.

Pray, this #communitySaturday, that the church would indeed, be more reflective of the person of Christ, to a lost and dying world. Pray that double-standards in our lives would be eliminated, that we seek to live and exemplify Godly, Biblical principles in every day life. May we be careful not judge others and ourselves differently, for we ALL will one day stand before God and be judged equally by Him. May we seek to understand God, and know Him more… not in an effort to attain His position, but that He may be glorified, lifted up, in order that none should perish; but come into right relationship with Him.

We mustn’t live in ways that cause further separation from God, but live such, that we draw closer and deeper in the riches of His love and the experience of His grace, now and forevermore. And yes, it will be for His glory and the cause of Jesus Christ.



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