Leading Dragon-Slayers

Some great insight on Leadership… from a great car guy!!! *transcribed from the documentary.

Life & Lessons of Car Magazines

My job is not to yell  at people. And make them feel…. I’ll do that,  if  I need to. But that’s not my job. My job is to be the biggest cheerleader of the group.

It’s funny. I think people are more than willing to walk out on a limb, even if they think that limb  might break, if they know that you’re gonna be there to catch ’em. And I think that’s the biggest thing… that’s the freedom. As a leader,  that’s what I try to do. I try to give them the freedom. There’s a lot of smart people. Lot of smart people, held back by their own fears and inhibitions.

And if you allow them to go out on the edge,  hang out a little bit, knowing, that no matter what happens, you will catch them…they will go out on thinnest branches, even though they think that…

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