Teachable Moments (A BringMe70 repost)



No matter where you find yourself in life, you are never done learning. NEVER!

I went to college, where we often talked about the concept of being a ‘life-long learner”. I loved and looked forward to the process. Nowadays, I’m not so sure… I keep feeling as though I’m going through the same lessons over and over again, like I’m missing something and having to take a mulligan on the last test.

I feel there’s so many things that I have to learn, that I’d like to learn, that it’s a little dis-heartening to think about. Then I think about the people in my life and in various circles. Two incredibly brilliant men, whom I admire, have both acknowledged, that on numerous occasions, they have stepped “into the room” and felt as though they were at the bottom. People, who you listen to their conversations and experience, and you just know… beyond doubt, they are on a whole other level. And there’s many more friends, who know so much more. My Dad and I have had this conversation many times… “how do you know all this stuff?”

Some of it is a matter of interests and the variety thereof. Some of it is motivation.  Then there’s this aspect, that I posted on one of my other blogs (Less Is More…More Or Less). Titled, The Classroom of Awareness:

There is as much to be learned simply from watching the mistakes and faults of those around you as there is learned through instruction and study. It requires an awareness of who you are now and a decision about who you will and won’t become moving forward.

That’s really the starting point. Knowing who you are; finding out if you don’t know already. What will help you grow and develop, intellectually, emotionally, relationally and spiritually? Be on watch for moments in time where an exchange can or will occur, that will move you one step closer to where you want to be and who you want to become.

For the parent or pastor still in this process themselves, things get dicey quick. I texted a buddy tonight, that I felt like I was stuck in a “when Dad gets his act together, we’ll start listening to him” zone. I know I’m not alone, but in the moment, it’s frustrating. Fortunately God’s grace is sufficient. And after a deep breath, another teachable moment to share with the kids. Hopefully they’ll catch on quick… if for no other reason than to avoid some of the frustrations I’ve experienced.

On this #youthPastorWednesday, pray for Gods’ help! To come quickly, in helping pastors and parents alike, figure out how to best handle teachable moments. May God give us the words and insight to effectively communicate with them, lessons that will stick with them for a life-time. Pray for kids and youth, that they would, for all their days, seek and inquire of the Lord, for the situations and challenges they will face on every front; in every aspect of life. Pray for the supernatural in their lives, as well as a grace, for when they make mistakes or experience failure. May they get up, rise up and try again.

God is always with us; having never given up on us… no matter how many attempts it takes to learn. May they grow to be life-long learners of many things, starting with God and His Word.

In His Name, we ask these things. We give You the glory in advance; none of us as grandchildren, but children… of the Most High God.




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