Celebrate Easter!! (A BringMe70 repost)


It’s Easter Sunday!

Jesus is alive. The Man whom you seek is not here, but He has risen. And returned to heaven to prepare a place for those who accept Him as the Lord & Savior of their soul.

Christ did, once and for all, what until that point, was done “regularly”. A sacrifice. There had to be a death to pay for the wages of sin.

What’s incredible about the cross and the resurrection is that because Christ paid the price for sin, it makes salvation a gift.

You receive a gift. That means someone else has already paid for it. And from the generosity of their heart, they offer it freely; as opposed to a note attached, requesting reimbursement. Nor, unlike some gifts, does it come with a disclaimer of “having an understanding” as if it were a gentleman’s agreement.

It is UN-conditional. There is nothing of value from a finite individual that would satisfy an infinite God. Perhaps in His sovereignty God knew that fallen man would interfere. God is not willing that any should perish… so the only way to do guarantee that nothing stood in the way, was to keep salvation simple and free.

Jesus set an unconditional precedent in His interaction with humanity during His time on earth.
Love. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Not for what is external and known. But for what is internal. And known only by God.

Sadly, the church, over time, has placed conditions. To be “a part”… actions, behaviors, attitudes, words, socioeconomic position, status….the superficial, the external. The church, has at times, overlooked the soul of humanity. The only part that matters in the end; that God cares about the most.

How can a church be effective if it fails to see people as God sees them? Broken. Damaged. On the verge of certain death. In need of spiritual rescue. In need of restoration into who He created them to be… in His image.

What a better thing to pray on this Easter, #effectiveSunday, that the church would show the love of Christ for humanity as He did, through the cross and resurrection; UN-conditionally. May God forgive the times, we as the church have dishonored Him, when we have looked down at others, visitors… perhaps said or did or passed by, as though they didn’t belong… help us, God. May the church remember, Jesus left the throne room of heaven to taken on sin. From the prince, to the pauper and the pastors of them both, none of us belong. Pray this Easter Sunday, many come to experience the forgiveness of God, His love for their life and redemption through Christ’s sacrifice. 

May the body of Christ exhibit Christ in ways that bring honor to Christ. For the cause of Christ.

Too much? No. One can never have too much of Christ. Happy Easter and God Bless, as you celebrate His life!



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