Afflictions Eclipsed By Glory

Stealing a line from a David Crowder Band song, the phrase clicked this morning, shortly after reading the books of 1st, 2nd & 3rd John.  I have been the worst offender of late, getting caught up in the circumstances and frustrations of life and the seemingly, never-ending on-goings thereof.

Never-ending on-goings. There’s a paradox for the day.  Say that five times and smile. You’ll feel better.

During the same period of time, the radio dj of the christian station that I was tuned into, shared a concept that a co-worker expressed,that in the gyms, the rooms don’t have clocks, so that you stay focused. Alternatively, the dj shared that being aware of the time helps focus on the fact that it will end.

I realized that been a significant portion of my frustration has been, partly in wondering if it will end (which I know it will), but when it will end…which obviously remains unknown.

The pessimist is me thinks it will be 1 day short of 40 yrs, so when I ask God what took so long, heavenly sarcasm comes forth with the following response: “Well, it was shorter than the Israelites’ time in the sand.”

Never the less…while the times and plans and purposes for the circumstance and struggles we face are frustratingly difficult to navigate, it is the over-shadowing glory of God that illuminate our way through this time we call life.

The same dj also shared, that the original word for Yahweh had no vowels. When written, appeared as Y H W H.  It practically rolls of the tongue, almost without effort…like breathing.  So as we have been given the breath of life, so our breathing can be considered a form of worship to the giver of Life. A pretty powerful concept, seemingly reinforced through numerous scriptures where we are encouraged to “trust in the Lord” and “cast all our cares on Him” or the one I struggle with most; “be anxious about nothing.”

Easier said than done, God!

To which I can hear the sarcasm again…

“Easier than breathing?”

No…breathing is easier.

“Then do that… and let me work out what I will.”

In the end, what would your rather remember. On what would you rather devote your time, energy, focus and resources? The cares of the world, which will pass away anyway or His glory which never fades and His Word, which will never return void.

The afflictions are only made more frustrating when God isn’t glorified in them. Then it feels like a waste. An unworthy cause. An undo process. An incompletion.

There is no half-way or half-done. Unbound by space and time, God sees completion and wholeness and is the same, in his character.

My present struggles pail in comparison to the greatness of God. Yet, God, in His greatness cares for my present struggles.

Afflictions Eclipsed By His Glory.

I need to make the effort to focus on God more. Perhaps things will change, if for nothing more than my focus will have changed and then we’ll gain some traction in accomplishing the plans and purposed He desires to fulfill in and through my life, as well as your own life.


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