What Future “Selfies” Want To Know!

Well…has it changed?

Did you do yesterday what you said you would do tomorrow?

Did you learn your lesson(s)?

Did you fail at repeating same mistakes?

Did you defeat procrastination?

Did you become what you always looked up to?

Are you still wishing or finally living?

I hope for the sake of Christ, you have influenced the Kingdom of God

I hope for the sake of Christ, you put yourself together and made in impact in the world

I hope for the sake of humanity, that you have lived honorably; with integrity.

I hope for the sake of humanity, that you were not a burden to those around you… that you did not wear them out with your frustration.

I hope for the sake of your family, that they thank God for how you have lived and what you have accomplished.

I hope for the sake of your family, that you have lived real & genuine… having known God and kept the faith.

Have you found and fulfilled your purpose? For it would be a shame that you wasted your life on something other than that which someone was waiting for that was of the utmost importance and relevance.

I trust for your sake, that you did not hide or bury your talent in the dirt. For you would be deemed as stupid as you once thought that you were. And we both know, you are not.

I hope for the sake of the world, that you raised your children in the fear of God, not the fear of Dad. Not that you aren’t important, but unlike God, you will one day be gone from their lives.

Have they discovered their calling? Fulfilled their purpose? Did you teach them how to do that, since you once struggled with the same?

Are they prepared to take on the world, not because of who they are, but because they know the power of Christ of with them?

Do your enemies envy your life…not because of your self-greatness, but because of the great blessing of God upon you?

Have you learned from the generation before you?

Have you participated in the generation you live?

Have you taught the generation that follows you?

You used to try and get as much as you could for one dollar. Have you offered the same value from your one life?

Have you produced as much as you have consumed? For one who always takes is a leach. One who contributes will be sought after, shared and respected. That which simply takes up space and collects dust is often not kept for long.

Have you learned to live in a manner of which no one in your circle of influence desires to rid of you or have you leave their life? For if no one will miss your passing, then perhaps you have made the mistake of passing through life without participating in the lives of those who needed you most.


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