The Marriage Bed

While I have come across a number of articles and blog posts recently regarding marriage difficulties and abstinence among those not yet married, this “joke” showed up in the “What’ Hot” section of my Google+ news feed.

While, sadly humorous, this is exactly what society has created as acceptable after decades of attacks on conservative and moral values.  This is the best example yet of why we need to be careful the priorities we pass to the next generation…as well as why the current generation needs to get its’ act together.

Son:”Daddy, I fell in love & want to date this awesome girl!” Father: “That’s great son. Who is she?” Son: “It’s Sandra, the neighbor’s daughter” Father: “Ohhh I wish you hadn’t said that. I have to tell you something son, but you must promise not to tell your mother. Sandra is actually your sister. “The boy is naturally bummed out, but a couple of months later … Son: “Daddy, I fell in love again n she is even hotter!” Father: “That’s great son. Who is she?” Son: “It’s Angela, the other neighbor’s daughter.” Father: “Ohhhh I wish you hadn’t said that.Angela is also your sister.” This went on couple of times and the son was so mad, he went straight to his mother crying. Son: “Mom I am so mad at dad! I fell in love with six girls but I can’t date any of them because dad is their father!” The mother hugs him affectionately and says: “My love, you can date whoever you want. Don’t listen to him. He isn’t your father

Every relationship you have before you get married, will in some shape and form make an impact on how you handle and manage your marriage.  A part of your heart and soul is invested each and every time and its’ impact is profound when any level of sexual involvement is found outside the realm of marriage.



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