About a week ago, I was reading the parable of the sower and the kind of ground upon which what it being planted will fall. A few days later, I was listening to a sermon podcast, and the message title was “What Kind Of Receiver Are You?”. The pastor started off talking about football, but the passage of scripture as the basis of the message, was the parable of the sower.

As I started thinking about this process, I knew a blog post was in the works. Then, just now, as I got ready to type, something sad happened.

I couldn’t come up with a title for the blog post. So like any good writer… I remained seated in this comfy leather chair and stared at the screen…as if the title was going to type itself. Then I realized…

Whatever you are doing, whatever the process entails, whatever the elements and tools that are involved in bringing together…each person, object and tool must be this one thing.


The farmer… must be willing to work.

The seed… must be willing to be planted.

The ground… must be prepared to receive.

The environment… must be conducive to growth.

The weather… must play its balance role (ie. neither too much sun or rain)

The process of it all… needs to be tented too. (removing weeds, distracting animals, etc)

If at any point during all of this, an element rises up and says, “I’m not cooperating in this deal.” then certain problems readily become apparent and adjustments and changes begin to be talked about and implemented quickly, if not immediately.

The elements of the process that would seek to destroy even play their part. Yet, they must be controlled, dealt with, removed and the like. They cannot be ignored.

The process and the players in it, all need to be workable. Pliable. Manageable. Available. Willing.

It’s not always a pretty process. It certainly, and often enough, does not look like how our first hopes would so desire.

But that does not negate, that the process must play out. God’s plan is an unveiling plan.

You can’t predict the next 60 seconds, let alone, the next 60 years. I was certain, the past 50 hours or so, would like entirely different than the physical location that I am currently in, but I am refusing to be frustrated about it. Just because I would rather be somewhere else, doesn’t mean that I am not divinely placed where I am for some unknown…unveiled reason. Perhaps it will come forth yet this evening. Perhaps tomorrow. And sometime Monday, I’m hoping it will begin to make sense, it will have proven worth the wait. Both literally and spiritually. Most important, spiritually, of course.

If you are not willing to be workable, then you are waiting to be overworked. Whether it’s God or man, at some point, stubbornness will push someone over the edge to where they will become unbelievable determined to win you over re: the matter. I can say this, because I have possessed this level of stubbornness before. It has caused more stress and tension and gray hair than I care to admit.

God is gentleman regarding these things. Man not always, so it will probably be more obvious if someone in your life is trying to overwork you to their side of whatever the matter regards. God, however, in sovereignty, will divinely begin to arrange moments in your life to move you to where He wants to be, what He wants you to see or become the person He needs to use.

That which is not workable, is overworked until it becomes workable.

On a human level, someone may decide you are not worth the time and effort. Don’t be that person. You’ll lose friends and family and jobs faster than people lose their paycheck @ the casino.

On a spiritual level, don’t be that person, either. You won’t lose God, but don’t think for a moment that He won’t take you on some detours. Desert ones, if we have learned anything from the Old Testament.

God works better with people who are willing to work. People work better with those kinds of people, too, for that matter.

Be good soil. Be workable soil. Be a productive part of the process and a productive part of God’s plan.


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