Anything. Everything. The Choice Of Willing

Thing about this today and let it set it. I’d like to read your thoughts on this idea as well.

God can do anything without us.

God chooses to do everything with us.

It’s not that He needs our help, for surely, we are not that great.

He offers us the opportunity to help Him and be used by Him.

So the question then becomes…

Are you saying “Yes” to His offer to help carry out His will for His glory


Are you saying “No, I am not willing to help.”


2 thoughts on “Anything. Everything. The Choice Of Willing

  1. I am not sure what God chooses to do with us, I do believe God must be able to do anything without us, since we are almost insignificant in this huge universe. It is a matter of continuing to search for this mysterious God without letting it feed our self serving nature(the ego) ….

  2. If someone is searching for any relationship, either w/ God or here on earth, I think we can all agree, that it will be an unhealthy one, quite quickly, if it based on what we can get out of it first and foremost.

    Relationship w/ God is available because of Christ’ death on the cross, which is also, an offer which we choose to accept or deny. After that, it’s how you describe the Kingdom of Heaven, which is to love God and care/serve your neighbor, which is our willingness to help. The 2 greatest commandments in action.

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