Sovereign Sense Of Humor

A true story.

A man attends the monthly, men’s ministry meeting at his church. The speaker for that particular meeting, happens to be the senior pastor of the church. The topic, “Affair-proofing Your Marriage.”  He shares the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife and gave practical application of how men need to guard their heart and eyes towards the opposite sex, in such an environments as say, the workplace.

The next day, our man has an interview.  All day, leading up the meeting, he’s thinking spiritually, how the enemy might try to “trip him up”… an attractive lady passes as he walks into the interview office; perhaps the interviewer is an attractive female…something like that.

Sure enough, man arrives for the interview and is greeted by the woman he spoke with by phone. She takes him to the office of the interview, where, sure enough, albeit a number of years older, another woman is seated at her desk. So this is now, a two women interview. And our guy.

In the course of the conversation, it comes forth, that the office is predominantly female. He asks in reply, what the ratio of woman to men is throughout the office. “Well, the team you be on, consists of three females.”  And…come to find out…

The rest of the office, ENTIRELY FEMALE!

Don’t for a moment, think that God isn’t uniquely aware of exactly what is going on in your life.

Don’t for a moment, think that God is not willing and able to speak to you though a relevant and meaningful experience.

Don’t for a moment, think that God does not care about helping you make clear decisions regarding the direction of your life.

And don’t, ever, think for a moment, that God doesn’t have a sense of humor or that he would leave you in the dark.

Feelings are feelings. God is truth. He truly does have a plan and if you can find your way through to avoid freaking-out about life, you’ll discover God will let you on some incredibly funny moments.


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