Like most people, I hate change; especially when it is suggested that I “go first”.

A different way of thinking. A different way of doing. A different way of acting. A perspective. A though. A feeling. An attitude. A habit. Or something really hard..a BELIEF.

When I have been mistreated, whether in word or deed, my response has not always been the best. Nor, sad to say, always like Christ. Which wouldn’t be an issue, except I have accepted Him as my Savior, whereby, I follow Christ.

Thus, as my brother has so eloquently reminded me in the past handful of conversations we’ve had, that my life is not my now. I was bought with a price. I was redeemed. Dead in my sin, Christ traded His life in Heaven to have a personal relationship with me. My acceptance of that relationship, means that I have traded my, dead, sinful live for His plans and purpose.

Therefore, whatever upsets me, must be viewed through the eyes of Christ. My response should be that like of Christ. My words and deeds and thoughts, should extend from my relationship and understanding of Him…not a free-for-all expression of human emotion and frustration.  Which I have vented, to my dear brother extensively. Thankful for a brother who sticks close.

And, yet, each of us are called to more like the one who sticks closer than a brother!  We are to be conformed to the image of Christ. It’s not for us to be heaven’s robots. The choice is still ours. And just because the decision is difficult doesn’t mean it can be avoided. Anyone following the state of affairs in D.C. will agree with that.

And so the choice is will we stick to our own selfish desires or will we submit to the much needed change that Christ would desire to accomplish in us. And as I listened this morning to a podcast on Esther, from the pastor at CityLife Church in Philadelphia, God has a plan and purpose for each of us for “just a time as this.”

Any engineer will tell you that in order for a plan to come together, each part must fit and work together. For integrity. For strength. For fortitude. For longevity. And if anything is out of place, blemish, uneven, unpolished, ill-fitted, the project is halted…indefinitely…until corrections are made.

So, it is, sadly at times, that God does the same with us. If we’re not ready, perhaps the plan gets put on hold. God wouldn’t position a person who isn’t up to the task anymore than an engineer would use a part that wasn’t “up to spec”. Keep in mind, it’s not that God doesn’t use people unless their perfect. That’s not what I’m saying.

What I am saying is you don’t buy your 16-yr old, newly licensed driver a Ferrari for his or her first car. Most pastors don’t start off their ministry with thousands in attendance in their first few Sundays. Most people’s first paycheck doesn’t touch the 6-figure stratosphere.

God will use you where you are. But where you are and where you are going can not change, if you are not willing to change in the direction that requires preparation. And by “you” I mean “me”.

If I don’t acknowledge the change God desires of me as preparation for where He wants to take me, then I am a resist His plans, that I desire Him to reveal for my life, that I continue to confess is His! No wonder if feel as though I am stuck in a round-a-bout.

And yet, as God so clearly demonstrated through the podcast on Esther, and then through a divine appointment at mid-day, God has to work in certain ways, often “behind the scenes”, so that when we look back on our life, we actually have “scenes” that are actually worth looking at.

Sure, change is often hated. But it is also desperately needed. The decision is yours. It’s also mine. And as I often stated, “why do I have to change first?”, perhaps, just perhaps, it’s so God can use me more quickly to accomplish His plan and His purpose. And who knows, I may even get used first. But that won’t matter. It’ll be for His glory and honor, since I’ve traded my life for His. Additionally, since His is worth more, I think I’m getting a pretty good trade. And since He died for me, I’m sure He thinks He’s getting a pretty decent trade as well. Perhaps.

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