2013 ::: No Turning Back


The first week of the new year has passed. The indicators are coming in. Projects. Ideas. Attempts. Conversations. The “figuring out” of what has carried over, unresolved, unsolved and unknown.

In an uncharacteristically, shorter post here on AvantGuard, I encourage you…

Keep the faith. New years always give way to new opportunities. Opportunities give way to challenges. Challenges give way to frustrations, that will either lead to determination to press on or a drainage that spirals downward.

Don’t let what hangs in the balance; the unresolved, unsolved and unknown, influence how you will act. Determine how you will proactively go after those matters and relentlessly see them through, as much as is within your power, both humanly and with God’s help to pursue.

Leave the past where it belongs. The future is yet unwritten. God’s writing it, but people will remember your character. Don’t waste your 15 minutes, whereby you might miss the most incredible opportunity to display God’s glory through your life.


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