Bring Me 70 ::: To Simple To Work?

On New Years Day, I launched Bring Me 70, in an effort to engage congregations take a more active role in praying for, supporting and building quality friendships with their pastors, church staff and the families of those in ministry.

Part of my hesitancy in starting this ministry/community, was that I feared it was to simple to work. “This seems like common sense! If helping to prevent pastors from burning out was a simple as making sure their had a close friend, by being a close friend to them myself, then maybe so many wouldn’t be leaving the ministry.” Yet, they continue to fall out.

So, maybe church-goers and attenders and members aren’t aware of the burden that pastors carry, not only for the church, but they still have a home life that calls for their attention as well.

Thus; I making the effort to prevent pastoral burn-out, as much as it is within my time, resources and insight to do so.

The website is simply

You can read the vision behind the name, of course, and on a special note, are two blog pages…one for daily prayers; specific thoughts and ways to pray for needs of pastors and an insight page; thoughts on ministry and things to think about as it relates to church life.

As the community builds, there’s also a page where, with discretion, feedback or requests or positive reports will be posted.

Pastoral burn-out is a trend that can be easily reversed. The solutions are simple, yet, I believe the impact made and the results that transpire will be found. I encourage you to share the site, as well as the corresponding facebook ( and Twitter pages ( or @bringme70 with as many pastors and friends as possible.


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