Drained…The Purpose Is Greater Than You Think

So my wife has me hooked on this movie, we’re watching on the GMC channel, that she missed the last time it was on. Raising Izzie, is one emotionally heavy movie (read: tear-jerker) although the info button says it’s a comedy…which it is too.  Comedy, Drama, it says specifically. Anyway…

During the previous commercial, I started sharing some thoughts with her, about the heaviness on my heart about what’s on my mind, where we are and I have been personally trying to sort through the “stuff”. Exhausted…frustrated…tired…just plain wiped out.


simply. utterly. entirely.

Drain cover, New Orleans

Then it occurred to me…even drains serve their purpose.

Just as money is called currency (as it passes through your hands, as it does nothing while hiding out under the mattress), so should certain elements of life drain you. I have a new appreciation for this effect, as I just discovered the other day, that the drain pipe had backed up.

It’s good to be drained physically. Room is made for new levels of energy and empowerment for the next day.

It’s good to be drained emotionally. You are ready for new-found inner strength.

It’s good to be drained financially. You’re making room for your income to increase to be a greater blessing. (So ready for this…at least, in my mind, I think I am. We’ll see how God moves)

It’s good to be drained spiritually. He is strengthened in our weakness. He can do greater things through our dependence on Him than with our independence in our self. This is a binary effect, by the way. We either depend on Him and He can move how he sees fit or we rely on self…and who wants to work with a “know-it-all”.

Drains allow for the removal of the immensely unnecessary, to make room for the critically important.

Do Not Despise The Drain.

We do not think highly of the drain. Hardly, if ever at all. But where would we be if the drain was not open to being used for the purpose for which it was created.

The activity of moving in reverse can only go so long, at a particular speed before movement no longer exists and a mess ensues. Out of control, the mess travels whatever path it can find, affecting whatever is nearby.

Thus, it is critical that we not hold on to frustrations for long periods of time. Get frustrated. Process it. Learn from it. Breathe through it. Pour it out.

It is critical to not hold on to past failures and grief. Grieve. Cry. Pray. Do what you must do…just don’t hold it in. People will sense when you are ready to explode. There’s a reason volcanos were meant to be watched from a distance, though, when that transpires. Deal with it early. Dump it out quickly.

Dealing with issues as the arise is easier than dealing with messes that have backed up.

English: Drain cover lifted by floodwater

The drain has a purpose. The drain has a job. It is a tool that works as part of a system. If you don’t manage the drainage in your life properly, problems turned to exposed messes and few will be able to withstand the clean-up that is sure to consume more of your time than you’ll want to commit. But you will have to. As financial guru, Dave Ramsey always states, “You have a mess on your hands!”


The purpose is greater than you think!

ps: If you happen to be in the middle of the drain, remember all drains lead to the ocean.

A good outcome is possible, but you have to remain open to the process.


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