Faith…Your Place Is Here

I had a conversation with a young man very recently, who, the day I met him, had just gotten news that his 85-yr old great-Grandfather had passed away. I felt prompted to encourage him and as the conversation progressed, we quickly began discussing faith and God and the like.

As I sat here just a few moments ago, thinking I’ve not posted in a while again, my mind quickly remembered his statement about placing faith in humanity. Through the conversation, he expressed his sentiment regarding faith in God “that works for some people and that’s cool, but I don’t think it’s for me.”

However, I shared with him, that faith in humanity is somewhat of a myth. Sure, many talk about the strength of the human spirit, in politics, the resolve of the American people, the potential for overcoming impossible odds and destined for greatness. And all of those are great and encouraging thoughts. It was also in this moment in the conversation, that a statement was made about Scripture being “man-written” and how can you really know God and have a relationship with Him.

Humanity and mankind, on its own, fails. We are selfish, prideful, boastful, easily offended, misbehaving people, despite our best intentions to the contrary.

It’s hard to fathom, someone wanting a relationship with you, while you maintain wanting absolutely nothing to do with them. Most often, the person(s) being left wanting, will leave and forget you, in search of having a relationship with someone else. Forget you…you want to be a part of my life? We’ll see what happens when you come around.

God waits. Sure, He’ll work in the circumstances of others, but that doesn’t mean He has lost track of who and where you are and what you are going through.

God is Love. Love is patient. Therefore, God is patient. And all the other adjectives of love that follow in the oft-quoted, 1 Corinthians 13 verse.

There is a transformation that occurs when one encounters Christ, because to have a relationship with Him, is to desire to be like Him. And it’s usually, first expressed, in words that recognize, that we, male or female, can not live life on our own, in our own strength and wisdom and ability. Life is hard and where the natural breaks down, the super-natural press on.

On your own, when you wear out and fail, catastrophe results. In Him, is life. For our life is not our own. It was bought for a price. Where man struggles to step aside for others, Christ stepped up for you.

Man won’t hesitate to receive greatness. Christ didn’t hesitate to give greatness. Which makes you wonder why so many are reluctant to receive Christ?

Only Christ is worth your faith. Why would you want anything less?


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