In honor of my older brother’s wedding….I offer these thoughts!

Life & Lessons of Car Magazines

If you’ll permit me to play semantics for a moment…

Expressways are for getting there fast.

Tollways involve paying your dues.

Highways (more/less) could mean the “high road”.

Does anyone mention the low road??

At any rate…it’s one thing to go the less challenging route. The “free”way. The “express”way. The “least amount of effort” (low) way.

It’s entirely another to look at the mountain and say “There is way around this.

We will find it. We will make it. We will carve our way through. We will pave it, so that others can learn from the road we have taken and traveled and traversed to enjoy this incredible place, with awe and breath-taking views along the way, where few have ventured to dare.

We will take our experiences from the roads we have traveled thus far and travel this new road together. Doing better and greater than before.

The Right…

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