Manic Monday ::: Nothing To Dread

New schedule for the past month has severely interrupted my ability to manage 3 blogs…hoping to get some new posts up soon.

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker mentioned, basically, a commonly-shared dislike for Monday; for many the first day of the working week.  After our brief conversation, which wasn’t more than a couple of statements over the course of a minute or two, I realized that Monday is a day to welcome and embrace. It’s the beginning of opportunities for what course the next days will take.

*This after yesterday was a manic Monday, that for a period of time had me worried about how today would play out. Thanks to the advice of wise counsel (read: father and brother), wouldn’t you know…I had nothing to dread. It didn’t make me feel much better that the whole thing could have been avoided, but that’s another blog post…that hopefully won’t take 3 weeks to post!

At any rate…what’s to dread?? If you have a job, be thankful you have one. If you hate your job, what are you doing to make it better or work towards applying your skills elsewhere (different department, different company, different city, etc) At the very least, Monday is that much closer to payday. Even if it you are not “money-motivated”, you probably like knowing bills are paid, you’re not on the street, the pantry is not empty and you have some sort of means of transportation to make it all happen.

Monday is the beginning of the week…who knows what’s in store for you?! If you have a failure or difficulty, you have the rest of the week to correct it, figure it out, fix it and make it work. It’s time for a new list of goals, dreams, desires. It’s time to evaluate what transpired in the days prior; what needs improvement, what needs finishing, what needs to be re-prioritized.

Everyone hates Monday and everyone is desirous of change (attitude, behavior, social, cultural, financial and governmental). Be the change in a small, but dramatic way in your world. Be a lover a Monday. Be a liker of Monday. At the very least, when someone expresses their displeasure in the day, let your exchange with them be one of a positive, counter-balancing, thought-provoking and encouraging positions on the matter.

Remember, when the Psalmist David, wrote, “This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.”, notice, there is no asterisk footnote stating “with the exception of Monday” (or any other day, for that matter). Regardless of circumstance and situations that may or may not exist or arise or cause you to lose it, for dread of the unknown, keep in mind, “The earth is His and all that is in it.” God is to be feared (reverenced). Hell is to be dreaded. Monday has nothing on either of them. It’s simply another day for God to display His glory and for you to do and be your best. Just like every other day. Just like tomorrow. As Dr. Laura always used to say, (and probably still does) “Now go take on the day.”



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