Fathers ::: Mothers ::: Dreams

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, it amazes how good parents become great while they continually struggle with how they could do and be better for those who rely on them. Yet, in the midst of the struggle, parents who have done their best and lived “real” with their spouse and children and others close to them, are children who look up to their parents, knowing that, while Mom and Dad are no perfect, they have not failed in their efforts to raise us to the best of their ability…and hopefully in the fear and admonition of the Lord, as Scripture states.

Years ago, the attraction began. The relationship was formed. Conversations took place. Dreams and visions were written down, mentally or on paper. Plans were made. Plans were changed. Life took its course, as some moments were flawless; others nothing resembling such. In the end, love prevailed. And in an interesting moment between Father and Son, were the words “I’m sorry that didn’t work out for you; you would have done well with that. But then again, you are doing well where you are…and I’m proud of you.”

For all that we make of Mothers Day and Fathers Day, both are and should be Parents Day. Mom is great on her own merit, absolutely, but better off because of a man who pursued her, captured her heart, [hopefully] won the favor of her Mom and Dad, *smile*,  and provided all that she needed so that she could be the woman her children look up to and call “Blessed.”

Likewise, dear Dad…awesome in your own right, and without a doubt, better because of the woman who kept you up all night, dreaming and hoping and praying she would say “yes” to a first date, the first kiss, and question that would change the rest of her life here on earth. You are better off, thanks to the woman who turned your head towards her and never let you look away ever again.

I proud of both my parents and thankful for the dreams and visions they have and continue to pursue. On that note, a special “shout out” to an accomplishment that we have encouraged Mom to put together for a good long time. The “must have” cookbook in your kitchen, now available on amazon.com for your kindle . Crossing The Three T’s of Cooking. If you want the actual book, please post a comment and we’ll get connected to get one to you.


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