Vindictive Blessings ::: Wait…What?

Getup Get God
Getup Get God (Photo credit: prettywar-stl)

Scratching your head yet?? Not sure how those to words came together, but a few days ago, as my mind began to conceptualize the phrase, I realized I might be on to something.

*pic @ right, case in point*>>

So many times in our faith, we want to believe that “it” really will turn out for good. Yet, the answer doesn’t come as quickly as we hope. It doesn’t look, sound, smell or feel anything remotely close to what we dreamed it would, whether that was last night, last month or last year. Often we don’t realize what a blessing something was until much later. Something happened (or didn’t happen) and suddenly, wow… thank God we didn’t go down that road! I was skeptical about this decision, but man… God really brought it together and what a step of faith it was and I can’t express how thankful I am that I took that step.

We often heard it said, said it ourselves and if I could quickly link it to a previous blog, it’s probably on this site somewhere… the question is not the “why?” of a situation, but the “what” and the “how”. Once we know what should happen through a particular situation (decision, outcome, understanding) and the “how” (let’s work though this), then our focus is drawn to something that will move us forward…ADVANCE.. while learning and having gleaned information that we now need to GUARD, as we take that experience with us into the next days and moments of life.

God can’t be out to help you and to get you at the same time. I think this is where many struggle in their faith. The Bible is full of great and powerful and dramatic scenes. Yet we see through every story a working and productive purpose. The glory of God. The accomplishment of His will. The advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. The guarding of His character.

It is impossible for God to be vindictive and caring at the same time. If He were vindictive He would not care one bone in Heaven. Yet He cares for the birds of the air…how much more people made in His image? Very few like hanging out with vindictive people. So why are we so quick to call God out on His behavior that doesn’t “sit right” with us, yet we desire Him to stay out of our lives when it doesn’t align with Him?

This is part of “working through” relationships. This is part of “working out” your salvation. If one cares, they desire the best. If one doesn’t care, then they could care less. And we all remember the tagline… “Anything less would be uncivilized.” Anything less is not what’s best. A lot less moves in the direction of vindictive.

Beware of “out to get”. Embrace “out to help”. There is one that is out to get you. Stay away from vindictive. Your best life is found with Him, not him.



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