Expanding Horizons ::: New Sites

In case you haven’t check out the links on the side of the main page, I now have two other blogs, in addition to this, http://www.avantguard77.wordpress.com.

The first, (my second blog), Less Is More… More Or Less, can be viewed @ http://www.shortwinded77.wordpress.com. As implied in the address, this blog is my attempt to be more succinct and pithy in sharing my thoughts. They may be original posts or quotes that are meant to simply provoke your thinking in some regard.

The latest, is on a subject matter, that I find myself discussing with pretty much everyone I know…automobiles. I’ve taken what I think is a unique approach and application, titling the blog, Life & Lessons Of Car Magazines. This blog can be viewed @ http://www.carmaglife77.wordpress.com. I am a huge fan of Road & Track magazine, so you may find excerpts of various content and editorials, funny insights, interesting life applications or cool car ads.

Thanks for all who have visited and read my blog(s) to date. I can’t believe AvantGuard has been “live” for over a year. My only regret is that I didn’t consistently post more frequently… something I’m working on fixing, despite have two more blogs.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, though, and I’m discovering this outlet is convincing me  I need to do more in this arena of my life. So, we’ll see what’s in store. I’ll keep you posted (pun intended)

Thanks again for your reading, sharing and commenting!!! I hope my words, humble as they are, have helped you in your drive of life and faith as much as they’ve helped me, often as I’ve typed them.

– Peter C.


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