Creation ::: It Is What You Make It

Quite simply, I believe there is a Creator because humans are capable of creating. We can create because we were made in the image of the Creator. Nothing “just happened” no more than a painting paints itself, a television show produces itself, a car assembles itself, or in this case, a blog types itself.

Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and phil...
Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and philanthropist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I received a message a few days ago that was very disturbing. Basically, it said that I was to blame for  someone else’ lack of effort or actions. This bothers me to a great deal, because as much as I like to think that I have influence and powers of persuasion, I’m really not an expert on such tactics. (I should read more Andrew Carnegie, most likely.)  Apparently, the author of the message thinks that I do; however, and this disturbs me because, much to their frustration, my influence has somehow applied only to select individual(s). Weird.

I say this to say; whatever it is that you enjoy and whatever it is that bothers you, is to some extent your doing. If you enjoy an activity, you’ll put a great deal of time and study and effort into honing and perfecting “it”. If you don’t like said activity, then you probably won’t make such an investment in time and resources. I highlighted this point briefly on relationships @

If you are well-off financially, then it’s assumed, you put in a good days work, consistently, at something you either love or you have simply worked incredibly hard at doing the job the best you possibly can. If you have raised a strong, healthy, stable family of children who have grown to be productive, effective, genuine citizens, then you obviously spent a great deal of time in the love and discipline of those kids. Many, many thanks if they have gone on to serve in the Armed Services of the United States or the ministry. If you have built a company, whose ethics and products/services stand out in the marketplace as the leader in their industry, then it’s assumed you have made incredible sacrifices to build something greater than yourself, utilizing your time, talent, and finances to make a difference in the corporate world. Ditto if you have founded an organization to correct the errs of men and women who could have done differently, but for whatever reason, chose otherwise.

I have what I have, in part, because as Dave Ramsey says, “I’ve done stupid.” Hopefully, though, you’ve grown and learned and gained knowledge and wisdom and understanding and patience and compassion and…you can say you’ve done smart. You’ve done wise. You’ve done well. I know I’m working on doing the same. Because even though the work Christ did on the cross is finished, you and I are still very much works in progress.  Granted, I feel like I spend more time in the shop, then I do on the road, but that’s… well, probably not as beside the point as I was about to state it was.

Life and the projects and possibilities that we work through are only capable of “evolving” because someone dared to “create” in the first place. Some have dared more than others. Some have tried more than others. But in all things, eventually, the baton is passed along. One person can only do so much contributing to any “one” thing, before they have nothing left to give. The only way they can grow in the aforementioned list is to move on.

If you are surrounded by people and relationships who encourage that, then it’s easy to keep going. But if people are holding you back, then what you have, it what you make it. Move on for the best? Or settle.

Settle might not be the correct word. Maybe it is. I’m not deciding for myself at this moment any more than I can decide for you. That said, life is much more enjoyable the sooner one discovers the what, when, where, how and why of what “it” is that they desire to do, be and have. But the emphasis… the greatest of these is to “be”. Once you have idea of what you desire to “be” when you grow up, figuring out what to do and what you’ll need to have to move forward will, or at least should, be a much smoother transition.

It’s also important to note, that moving forward begins when you take responsibly for your own actions and not anyone else’… in whatever form they may or may not exist.


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