Playing Injured ::: Better Than Not Playing At All

“YOU CAN’T WIN A BALLGAME LYING DOWN^ PLAY THE GAME” – NARA – 516216 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes…I’m posting this much later than I expected, but it’s getting written, nonetheless. In fact, there’s the new direction for this post!! No matter what happens in life, relationships, finances, careers, families, faith and of course, schedules, you and I must continue to find ways to stay in the game. The underlying promise and theme of every post on this blog, is to protect what’s important (guard) while advancing in life (moving forward; avant)

Whatever game you are playing, wherever life has placed you today, whatever your skills and experiences are that you have shown up with…put them to use to play that game you are in.

And Play Your Game!

I don’t competition swimming. You don’t soccer, He doesn’t do tennis. She won’t go near a golf course unless she gets to drive the cart while you were funny pants and swing a stick into the grass. (I miss playing golf personally…one day I’m picking it back up… funny pants, though and yes, She will probably go only for the purpose of driving the cart.)

Point being….I can’t play your game. You can’t live mine. Our baggage is our own…an unfortunate blessing? Unfortunately it’s our own…. a blessing that it’s not worse?  I don’t know.

My brother is always great with insight.  Like me, a man who learns things the hard way….much to the frustration of the people closest to us, who have a few similar “hard way” experiences themselves.  Shortly into our conversation a few moments ago, he reminds me that joy and happiness is a state of mind, not a state of circumstance.

You and I have a purpose. A plan still exists, whether you are 6, 16 or 66. Circumstances are for teaching. Testing. Thinking. And we all have moments of the day/week/month/year/decade?? where we are not ready or willing to be taught…or tested. Thinking usually happens after a great cup of coffee. A truly great cup of coffee, for there are days when no ordinary Cup of Joe will suffice.

Circumstances have a way of beating one down. Physically. Emotionally. Financially. Spiritually. Relationally. Okay…this is starting to hit close to home. You too? Good…we’re “going in the right direction” as Robert Randolph sings.   *see video on

So, the decision, the determination, the energy, the resolve…must be established before you step foot on the field. What you bring with you is the result of practice rounds. Many, many workouts and scrimmages and game-plans and techniques…preparation is about to gain traction on the tarmac!

Get out your good shoes!!

Whatever the cost…whatever the other team does or attempts to do to throw you off your game…even take you, stay determined…not only will you play, not only will you stay in the game…but with or without injury…YOU WILL WIN!!!!

Not the lottery. Not a new car. Perhaps not your dream job. Certainly not every argument. (no spouse nudging here!) Definitely not every friend. You won’t keep every friend and some foes will never be won over to your charm and charisma or looks or whatever you think will “do the trick”.

Some find the strategy to win early in the game. Plan and Purpose discovered and they move in the direction before graduating college, sometimes even high school and you know they will do phenomenal things in this world…prayerfully for the glory of God. Others discover it during their retirement years.

Whenever and wherever you are, don’t let your wounds and bandages, injuries and feelings and frustrations stand in the way of your resolve to continue to play. Sure, you do not move as fast as the next guy You may be as graceful as the other girls. You may not be as skilled in the technical aspects or strong mechanical aptitude in executing strategy, but in the end…keep in mind, you are on the team. 1st round draft pick or traded mid-season only matters for the number crunchers. Team photos are of people who played!!

The blood. The sweat. The tears. The guts. The glory. The players.

Otherwise, the only other kind of bleeding that exists comes from the stands. And we know who those people are and we’re they’re located.

Play the game. To the best of your ability. Injured, if it comes to that. “Having done all that you can do to stand; STAND FIRM.” – Apostle Paul.

Refuse to accept any attempt that would prevent you from competing, completing and winning the battle of and for Your Life!!

BTW, It helps when you have a real relationship w/ He who paid the price for your life. The victory is yours to accept, but you can’t accept a trophy by simply being a fan. Play to Win. Play and Win. Injured? Injured. Playing is still playing. Winning is still winning. You only lose when you stop. Stop means you slowed down….too much.

Advance The Guard!!!


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