Vindictive Blessings ::: Wait…What?

Scratching your head yet?? Not sure how those to words came together, but a few days ago, as my mind began to conceptualize the phrase, I realized I might be on to something. *pic @ right, case in point*>> So many times in our faith, we want to believe that “it” really will turn out […]

Creation ::: It Is What You Make It

Quite simply, I believe there is a Creator because humans are capable of creating. We can create because we were made in the image of the Creator. Nothing “just happened” no more than a painting paints itself, a television show produces itself, a car assembles itself, or in this case, a blog types itself. I […]

Born this way?

From a friend of mine…I had to share. Reminds of the old blues song, “Nobody’s fault but mine.” The disclaimer at the end of the blog, I find particularly humorous. But, in the end, how you react, even to this, is your choice. Case in point. Born this way?.

Playing Injured ::: Better Than Not Playing At All

Yes…I’m posting this much later than I expected, but it’s getting written, nonetheless. In fact, there’s the new direction for this post!! No matter what happens in life, relationships, finances, careers, families, faith and of course, schedules, you and I must continue to find ways to stay in the game. The underlying promise and theme […]