Paying Attention ::: A Time To Do So and A Time Not

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It’s impossible to know what’s going on, everywhere, every time, all the time. If you don’t believe that’s true, look up statistics of people who get into automobile accidents because they can send someone a text while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Eventually, their ability to pay attention to both causes one to give way.

Many things in life, we must pay attention to. Our faith. Our family.  Our careers or place(s) of employment. Our finances. What is happening around us while we drive a car at speeds, that if we hit a deer just right, would cause the animal to almost hit the overpass above us (true, recent incident from a friend). However, there are things in life, that if they take up and consume too much of our thought and energy, we could be frustrated for quite some time.

This transpired moments ago regarding relationships… and when that “special someone” will enter the “rest of our life”.  A friend asked when it would be “his” turn and from personal experience, I responded “When you’re not paying attention”.  A couple of Facebook “likes” later about the comment, and the idea for this post was born.

We really do need to be careful what we devote our time and energy and focus. The wrong direction, thought, activity and we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Yet, in many arenas of life, the whole “casting your cares on Him for He cares for you” really allows the sovereignty of God to move in ways, the end of them causing you to stand in awe of God… to do far greater than we can ask or imagine.

Not sure why the cliche is coming to mind that “When you care about what God cares about, He’ll care what you care about”, but I’ll let it stand here, on it’s merit… probably because there’s way too many people who could testify to it not being all that cliche after all.

So many things happen in life, when we least expect it. Interestingly enough, enjoying the moments of spontaneity in life are a result taking care of the moments of planned responsibility.  Like the couple who retires as millionaires because, not only did they tithe faithfully, but they also were diligent in saving and safely investing that $100 or $200 every week for 30 or more years. They paid attention when they had to, so now they don’t have to… pay attention. If you don’t pay attention, you will pay. One way or another.

Relationships, finances, career opportunities. Paying attention is a personal decision. A lifelong habit. A discipline. A matter of stewardship. Taking care of yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentality…you show yourself worthy of being able to take care of someone else. When you focus on your relationship with God and not the guy or the gal…

We have all seen unhealthy relationships. If we were brutally and painfully obvious, we’ve all had an unhealthy relationship. Perhaps you learned in the middle of it and turned it around. Perhaps your eyes were opened in the middle of it and the relationship quickly ended. Wherever you find yourself, at the end of the day, we are not in control. Ultimately. There is a difference between having control, which we are to live in (self-control) and being in control.  Situations can be influenced, but not forced. Persuaded and manipulated, yes. But whatever happens, happens by the sovereign, moving Hand of God.

Pay attention to where you place your attention. If you fail to give God His proper place in your life, then it stands to reason your life will feel tragically “out of place”.  Rightfully so.  Anything ever created by man has had the signature on that piece by the one who made it.  How foolish of us, to think Creator God didn’t leave His signature when He made you.

Anyway…Do what you do. Don’t what you can’t. Trust God and watch the sovereign and miraculous transpire. And don’t think that because it didn’t happen how you thought, planned, dreamed or hoped that it was neither sovereign or miraculous. It most likely was. And in the end, it will all work out. It will all be good. It will be “just right”. Greater than you can ask or imagine. Perfect.


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