Giving ::: The Most Full of Faith Act Possible

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Merry Christmas!!!!!

So this just dropped into my spirit in the past few moments and something said… post this…tonight…before you log off.  So we’ll see where this goes.

Let’s just say, December didn’t not start off anything like I needed it to.  One major event transpired, that pushed yet again on my faith…forcing faith to push back and say, “But God”.

It’s one thing to give of your time and resources and finances, sometimes, perhaps often, at times when you are not in a position to do so (of one or all) and you wonder when you will get a return on your investment.  Not that getting a return is your reason for making the investment… but nobody likes seeing anything that they had a hand in working on, creating, building or developing go to waste.

And so we give… in faith.

My family has given to me… in faith.  I have given to others… in faith.  My wife and I have given to each other… in faith.  And as she reiterated the other day while we were driving; nobody ever benefits when insult is added to injury.  The injured have to fight harder to recover; the insulting, maybe not with the right or wrong aspect, but with the “doing enough” or “more” or… countless “what-if” scenarios.

Depending on what circumstance we face, yes, there is a time to quit.  But for the most part, the overarching principle of life is to press on and move forward.  For the moments of life that are unexpected and unplanned… moving forward requires: FAITH

This is how we started December.  And many months, prior.  And for more times, during our tenure together, than I care to count.  Giving requires Faith.  To be faithful in giving…even amidst challenge and circumstance that would recommend you withhold; then becomes increasing difficult… or easy.  It’s not just the cliche of “can’t afford to give?! You can’t afford to NOT give” mentality.  It’s a demonstration of faith when you give… of anything; time, talent or treasure.

Today, we celebrate Christmas.  The Birth of Jesus Christ.  The Son of God.  The one whom God Gave.  To the World.  In Faith.

God gave us His Son; to be born in human flesh, so that we could celebrate the greatest gift ever given to mankind.  But more importantly, God’s gift was an example to us, of the incredible potential that we possess, that we can give to those around us.  Often at times, when we would have a hard time, weighing the balance of if and when we will see any sort of “return of investment”.

Wow… if you’re not picking up any spiritual cues here… I know it’s Christmas, I know it’s late… I hope you read this more than once.

I say all this to say; I’m grateful.  Profoundly grateful.  It’s not about the gifts; though what’s under the tree is nothing short of miraculous and God expressing His love to us through friends and family.  We have received some tremendous moments of generosity, especially the past few weeks.  The kind that we were hoping and praying and trusting God would provide.  I am humbled, not that He came through for us; but in the how and when that He came through for us.  And the day hasn’t begun.  And the month isn’t over.

I trust that today, December 25th, 2011, that you will be found full of faith.  Full of the spirit of giving.  For it is better to give than receive.  And as you have received the gift of God, use your time wisely to share what you have received with those still in need.  Some may need your time.  Others your talent.  Financial struggles are abundant throughout the ranks.  But make-up of humanity, body, mind, soul and spirit… ultimately needs a Savior.  One birth.  One death.  For your life.  Thank God for taking a step of faith to the fullest… and GAVE!!

Today has the potential to be the BEST Christmas ever… and the start of better Christmas’ to come as you continue to move forward.  With God.  In Faith.  Giving… as you have received.


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