Consistency ::: The Breeding Ground of Profitability

So this has been on my mind for about a week now, and I’m determined to get it posted tonight….once again, not knowing what direction this post may take.

I”m stealing a line from a co-worker, who, in discussing the business needs of a potential client, made this statement:

“Consistency breeds profitability.”

Wow.  The moment I heard him utter those words, it registered… so much so, that I found myself thinking about it yet again on the commute home.  Truth be known, this isn’t just a business statement.  Interesting enough, it applies beyond business and beyond simply finances; although my father called me out on the latter the other day; in a moment that I quite simply and humbly admit, brought this statement to the forefront of my mind… once again.

Activity = doing things.

Productivity = getting the things you do actually done.

Profitability = getting things done that result in gaining ground.

If you are gaining ground, particularly financially speaking, then you are “in the black”.  Similarly, if you are losing ground, you are “in the red.”  If you are losing money, you are bleeding!!!  You are in the negative…you are exhausting resources, as nothing is coming in….running out of air, with no reserve, on your way to extinction….closure….bankruptcy.   The dreaded “we’re not doing that anymore…we are shut-down.”  OUCH.

(Don’t worry, I’m front and center, listening to my own thoughts.  Yeah…still learning this myself)

As I thought about this tonight, I came to a realization…

Being perfect has nothing to do with perfection.  It does however, have everything thing to do with progress…gaining ground if you will.

Profit.  Life, marriage, relationships, career, finances, friendship…you faith.  Your time is valuable.  The task before you, worthwhile.  Your efforts and resources are designed and given to you, with and for a purpose.   This reminds me of the parable of the talents.  The one who didn’t put his time, resources, finances and effort to good use…to accomplish something great and worthwhile…to turn a profit; he LOST what little he had.  He started “in the black”.  But because he failed to take steps that would ultimately lead to him gaining ground…turning a profit; he instead, ended up with a life “in the red.”  Hurting.  Frustrated.  In pain.  Broke.  Broken.

(Yeah…I know; I feel like I’m beating myself up  here!)

Don Gabor, an interpersonal communication skills trainer, wrote a book in the late-90’s titled: “Big Things Happen When You Do The Little Things Right.”  I have a copy; though I would do well to re-read it… it’s been quite a while.  I should put it on my reading list for 2012…the same list I said I was going to do for 2011.  Case in point.  The premise of the book, though, is to offer practical solutions of not only making goals, but developing a game plan… organizing steps; putting the plan to action, developing skills, making commitments (see previous posts) and breaking it down it steps that will… HELP YOU GAIN GROUND!!!!

We’ve all been there.  Sometimes we gain ground.  Other times we lose ground.  The difference?  Consistency.  Funny enough (or not) you can be consistent in the wrong thing.  Doing the hard work… leads to profit.  Lazy work.. well, frankly in never pays off.  In fact, it really never pays.  If fact… come to think of it… lazy work?  I’m not even sure what that looks like?  Oh yes… it’s the other phrase I stole from a potential client re: cleaning companies… you can clean clean or you can clean dirty.  Anything worth doing, you might as well do it and earn your worth.

So, the question then is this… Are you doing worthwhile work?  Are you doing it consistently?  If you are unsure of the answer to either question, then I challenge you… (and by you; I’m referring to myself) to figure out what’s going on and enact a course of action that will move you in the direction of profitability.

The truth of the matter is that we never truly arrive.  If the joy is in the journey, then the journey requires movement.  It requires progress.  There is no joy in doing what’s already been done.  But you do have to continue the things that need to be done that will continue to propel to you greater things… potential, skills, resources, knowledge, wisdom.  Implement and put to good use the experience that has brought you to the place that will continue to move you in the direction that you want you desire.

Because once again… the alternative, often, is really not an alternative at all.   The roadmap of your life always accounts for various changes in terrain, weather, surroundings, twists and turns, uphill efforts, downhill caution and everything else.

Consistency will get you through.  It does not matter in what arena of life we are talking about…the time, the effort, the resources, the finances, the commitments… the right thing at the right time, down the right way at every opportunity must result in gaining ground.

It’s Profitable.  Or there is Blood.  One is a position of Strength.  The other, a position of Broken.  Strength Does.  Broken Does Not.


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