Commitment II ::: The Relationship(s) of Decisions

,., decision making
,., decision making (Photo credit: nerovivo)

After I posted the 12/3/11 blog regarding commitment, more in-depth thoughts transpired on the subject… so here goes:

Decisions can certainly bring someone to a place of commitment.  But decisions do not ensure the making of a commitment.

Commitments however, will always direct your decisions.

As I emphasized previously, decisions without commitment is the equivalent of having a safety net in a situation…a back door out of the circumstance.  Commitments, though, force you to “man-up” and “face the music”…whatever life may have thrown your way, whether by God’s design or Satan’s schemes.

Where this gets difficult, challenging and incredibly frustrating is when we realize we’ve committed to the wrong thing.  And now, I am stuck… because when you put that statement into some of the areas of life discussed previously; the lines begin to blur…or certainly become harder to stay within.  Again… faith, finances, family, marriage, career.  People always have “something to say” when someone they know is, has or is about to make a “rash decision”.  I don’t know that I have ever heard of a “rash commitment”.  If you have, I’d be interesting hearing about how that worked… and how long it lasted.

Somehow, when people talk about regrets, they seem to survive.  I have made bad choices, bad decisions; did or said or was involved in activities I now know was… well, frankly stupid.  And while we’re being honest (and if we were discussing this in person) you would agree.  (insert: *nod your head… not on my stupidity; on yours!!!   Thanks a lot.)

Maybe you haven’t, but you’ve known or watched someone grow through a struggle…a battle… a regret; not about a decision, but on a matter of commitment.  Sorry… again, not realizing it’s taking this direction, if it’s hitting a little hard.

Regrets of commitment can have everlasting, damaging effects.  In the end, though, it truly comes down to the grace of God in our lives.  If we are capable of believing the best in people as much as we are the worst, if we can believe in the power of forgiveness from man-kind, if our relationships with each other hold the possibility of healing and restoration and reconciliation…all these are possible because they exist in the spiritual realm as well as the physical.  And seeing them transpire here on earth is evidence of what started in heaven.  What God still desires to see happen here on earth.

It comes back to commitments being the maturest form of decision-making.  They take time.  They take communication.  They take prayer… patience… understanding.   So do decisions for that matter, but that’s not always the case; hence we speak of bad decisions to a greater degree than we do bad commitments.

Having said that, overcoming bad decisions take some work.

Overcoming bad commitments require the super-natural.

Unlike decisions, where one person can change their mind, walk-away and whatever will be is acceptable; commitments require help.  On a personal level, it requires the power of God.  When a second person is involved in making the commitment, both must be in agreement… and the power of God is still required.  A group, a church, a team, leadership… a giving of trust takes place with commitment.

Decide = to solve or conclude; determine.

Commit = to give in trust; pledge

And better yet… resolute.  Firmly determined.  Set in purpose.

Determined.  Pledged.  Unmovable.

At what level do you live your life?  The cool and exciting opportunity is for a progression of moving through this process.  However, in faith, in life, in whatever you do… there is no going back.  Unmovable is unmovable.  If you become unmovable in the wrong area of life, the only option is for a renovation.  Demolition; then rebuild.  And who better to have in going through that process, than the Creator.

God Himself.

This is the part of life, where when people talk about their experience and someone says….”Wow!!  How did you go through that and now you are here?”  Every time; in the end, the response will be something along these lines…”But by the grace of God; there go I.”

Whatever “it” is…. as my Mom all to often reminded me, “you are not the first; you won’t be the last”.

You are not alone.. .and after you come out on the other side, victorious; make sure you help others understand exactly what I just reminded you.

You are not alone…You can make sure no one else feels they are alone either.


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