Commitment ::: The Level(s) of Decision Making

The plan proposed the most complex highway int...
The plan proposed the most complex highway interchange attempted in Ontario to that point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past couple of days, my faith in God has been tested yet again.  Daily now, it is a conscious effort to not “lose it” over a particular situation.  More than once, I have had to literally tell myself to “lift my head”, so that I don’t walk in despair, but upward…focused on God and moving forward; as I’m not able to do anything about “yesterday”, frustrating as it was when the day was coming to an end.  I have prayed that God would help me “keep it together” and that no matter what, I had, was and would continue to place my trust in Him.

The level(s) of decision-making allow for adjustments, changes and ultimately a “change of mind” and/or a “change of heart”.  Yes, there may be consequences to doing so, but in the end, it all comes to “my prerogative” and “what I’ll have to live with” if you will.  Decisions are made on information… known and understood at the time; subject to change to future, yet currently unknown situations, circumstances, people, opportunities or abilities to act upon.  This is not so much about the level or levels of decision-making though… it’s really about using the right term for the appropriate environment.  This could be a little hard-hitting, so the first example given will proceed to make my point.

A decision to read this blog, means if you decide you don’t like my thought on a matter, you can stop reading and do something else.

A commitment to read this blog, means, even you don’t like a statement, you’ll read it in its entirety.   Hard-hitting moment of truth?  *smile

A decision to go to college allows the “option” to take a semester of, put in hold, do your best (or not), and potentially, ultimately throw in the towel and never graduate.

A commitment to go to college, means no matter how hard the subject matter, forgoing the party to complete the project, being on time for a 7:30am lecture (I missed more than one of those), skipping a date with your girlfriend (or boyfriend), working on the weekends while carry a full load of classes, because you don’t want loans after graduation, attending class while raising a family b/c you want a better life for your family….

A decision to follow Christ?  Life doesn’t work out, doesn’t answer your prayer, not worth the effort, don’t want to fix an area that He’s prompting you to change, can’t figure out why… how, now your thinking I’m hitting below belt.  I’m hurting too; you aren’t alone.

A commitment to follow Christ… I don’t understand, but I’ll trust.  I can’t figure this out, but I’ll go.  This is incredibly frustrating and scary, but I’ll do.  I’m not sure how you’ll provide, but I’ll continue.  Scared, but not hindered.  Frustrated but not stopping.  Worried in my head… at peace in my heart.

A decision to get married… But I’m tired of fighting; of the job changes; of the loss of possessions, second, third and fourth place to the kids, the activities, the housework, your “passion”, friends, the church… ouch…

A commitment to your marriage…  Rich or poor, better or worse, sickness, health, family, friends, in-laws, life, death, coming and going…. it’s not just you and not just me, but US… and but by the grace of God.

This subject hit incredibly hard the other night on my drive home as I pondered what I would do.  It began by placing my trust in God, because I recognized that if I did not do that and do it first, then I might not continue in what simply needed to be done regardless of my feelings on the matter.

Making a decision for something allows for the opportunity to be persuaded and convinced to do or not do something different.

Making a commitment allows for the opportunity for YOU to be the one who will persuade and convince.  I don’t know for sure that it really works this way, but I offer this perspective…

So many times we want God to move on our behalf, but we don’t move on God’s behalf.  We can’t impress God; but how often do we see in Scripture where one’s actions moved God to the point that He had to act.  And similarly, with Christ… amazed with ones’ faith, that He was compelled… moved with compassion.

Any one can make a decision.  Not making a decision is making a decision.  However, you can’t make a commitment against committing.  Well… perhaps you could, but then you would never be able to perform any level of decision-making.

However many levels of decision-making there are; commitment is the top.  The maturest form of making decisions.  The MBA of decisions.  The milk versus meat, as Scripture describes.

As I’ve stated in previous blogs… I didn’t realize it was going take this direction…but it is what it is.  I can make a decision to post this blog and a decision to later remove this blog.  I can commit to this perspective, post it and leave it.  I know I have been challenged… I trust you have been as well.

As God knows what we each have need of… I hope He works the miraculous in your life; as much and more as I need Him to do the same in mine.

PS:  This is in no way a condemnation on your yesterday, as I would be the first in line to accept.  It is however, an encouragement for your future, which I am the first needing to receive.  The question for each of us… what will we decide today?  What will we commit today?


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