Life ::: Simple, Short, Specific

Recently, my pastor spoke during his sermon on the effectiveness of prayer. I don’t remember the title of the message, but for some reason, the characteristics shared on prayer have stuck with me the past few days and in a greater realm, these same characteristics describe a powerful life.


I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a few days now, not really knowing how it would go, but on this Thanksgiving Day and with another Christmas around the corner, life really is simple. Having life. Being alive. There is so much to be thankful for and so very little that we truly need. All we truly need is Christ…a man whose life was incredible simple. Incredibly powerful. Incredibly effective. And Simple…from beginning to end.

Life is short. Scripture calls it “but a vapor”.  We really don’t have time for drama. Nor, would many agree, difficulties, frustrations and waiting times. And if you are going to be anywhere @ midnight as we fast approach Black Friday, times of waiting = checkout lines).  More importantly though, the shortness of life should put an emphasis on our activities and daily routines. Are you doing what matters? Are you living to your best?

There’s a difference between living “to have” the best and living “to be” the best. Interestingly enough, it occurs to me now, that if more people spent more time “being” the best, they would probably “have” more of the best. Unfortunately, too often we focus on whether we”have” or ever “will have” the best and it takes from our ability to put one foot in front of the other in a concerted effort to be. To have or not to have is NOT the question! The question, as the great philosopher stated, revolves around “being”.

not to have tried is the true failure. 147/365
not to have tried is the true failure. 147/365 (Photo credit: ♥)

Having comes from doing and doing comes from being. Way too many people have a hard time figuring out what to do because they never figure out what they were intended to be and consequently they ultimately struggle with what they have.

Therefore…make your life specific. Remember Curly from the movie City Slickers on the secret of life? It wasn’t his finger, as Mitch, sarcastically and literally responded to Curly’s gesture. The one thing is “what you stick to and the rest doesn’t mean…”  The one thing is something that *you* have to figure out. What is your life about? What does your life revolve around?  If it’s not about Christ…if it’s not about others…if it’s not about the greater good and the bigger picture…Christ gave His life for us. It seems only logically that we should return the gift and give our life back to Him. In doing so, we (and at the very least should), pay it forward; allowing ourselves to make an impact in and on those around us.

During this Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2011,

I ask of you…

Will you live a life  so simple, as to be profoundly effective?

Will you live a life, regardless of time, that makes the most of every breath that you take?

Will you live a life so specific, that if all else is stripped away, people will remember “one thing” about you?

Jesus Christ…once again, showing us how to best live the life given to us…the One He gave:  Simple.  Short.  Specific.


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