Faith ::: First Decisions > Last Options

In taking a few moments out of my day to interact with co-workers, I had the opportunity to talk with a young colleague and a situation in which he and his family are believing for a miraculous healing.  At some point it was brought up, about how, when there are no other options or solutions or “ways out” of something, we find ourselves turning to God.

To many, God has become our Last Resort.  My recommendation?  Make Him your First Decision.

Our first step should and needs to be in the direction of God.  Yet we continue to make three right turns in life, often while knowing and yet ignoring that one left turn would be quicker, smoother, easier, more effective, more efficient….any or all of the aforementioned or any combination thereof.

I love my Dad.  I wouldn’t trade him for another.  And yet, I’ve lost count how many times I have failed, for whatever reason, to heed his advice.  Ironically, or not, it works the same way with our Heavenly Father.  “I want you to……”  “But, Dad……”  (and we’ve all said it and drawn out those two words to lengths significantly great than the space occupied by six letter)  “Just wait.”  “But Dad……”

With all that we go through in life, I can not help but wonder how things would go with us, if we placed our trust in Him first and foremost.  However, many will never know, as we so often to Him with last and with our least.  Time.  Talent. Treasure.  Energy.  Effort.  Whatever we spent, that we now no longer have, when we arrive to the place where the words are spoke…..Ok God.  I have nothing left in me, but here I am.

Fortunately, for us….grace abounds.  His grace is sufficient for us.  The problem is, are we sufficient for God.  Perhaps the reason we always feel stretched and challenged in our faith is because are trying to get back to the level we used to operate at.  The level that takes us back to where we should have made a left out of the driveway, instead of the right.  But it was early in the day, the sun was out and we had time.  We got distracted and chose wrong.  I wonder…God is not willing that any should perish and he holds out hope, patiently waiting; but as any good and concerned parent would, you can see God losing hope, and encouragement.  Like watching a dream go down the tubes.  Rather than seeing what God has for us early on and spending our life pursuing him, we go elsewhere.  To the valley.  Only to discover God still mountain-top experiences in store for us.

Now the work begins.  We come to God with a negative balance to begin with, because of sin.  Compound interest of our actions accumulates, the work that God began in us….well, it simply takes more to get to where He wants us to be.  Energy.  Time.  Money.  Sacrifice.  Rebuilding is always more work than building it right in the first place.  Rebuilding requires demolition….of some kind and performed by someone.

Don’t be discouraged.  God is faithful and His love and grace is sufficient for everyone.  The cool thing about God and salvation is that at any point in one’s journey; whatever road you have made too many “right” turns on, there is always the opportunity for first decisions.  A decision for God.  A decision in our faith.  A decision in our life or a matter we are not sure of which way to go.  Choosing God and whatever He has for you as a last resort can always be a last option.  But it does not have be…nor should it be.  The sovereignty of God is that He will work it out no matter what happens.  The miraculous still happens and He alone receives the glory.  The upside to choosing God first is the opportunity.  What will you have the opportunity to partake of rather than missing out on?

There is nothing that God wants you to miss out on.  I made a comment the other day about driving 60 mph on the expressway and seeing some “cool” cars that zoomed by me at 70+.  A friend replied with a comment of agreement.  Had I been doing 70 or more, like everyone else, I would have, most likely, not seen any of those rides.  So it is with God…what do we miss out on by getting ahead of Him?  Of going our own way instead of His?

Decide first and it’s possible that you won’t have to worry about what you’ll go through and for how long before coming to place where “God is all that is left”.  Alpha and Omega.  Beginning and the End.  He is wherever you are….yet, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Don’t wait until the end.  Don’t wait until the “last resort” option.  Decide to have faith…FIRST.  TODAY.  NOW.


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