The Weathering Effect ::: Does Life Happen or Do You Happen

Over the past few days, I have been engaged in a small handful of conversations, which have brought about some interesting perspectives to light, in regards to how we handle situations and people and the impact that we make or have made upon us.

It started with a conversation about blessing and cursing.  It is impossible to speak both life and death into a situation or a life.  We either desire the best for people or wish them the worst.  Through words or deeds, directly or indirectly, how do you handle what happens to you?  How do you share that experience in your life with others around you, after the incident has come and gone?

The conversation quickly turned to spiritual matters and that, in cursing a situation or person, you really withhold the blessing that you are personally waiting to arrive.  If you speak badly about someone’s child, regardless of your feelings on the matter, the parent will stand up on their behalf.  Likewise, whether you have a relationship with God or not, He’s going to protect you from that curse.  Not how you think and maybe not in a way where you will benefit substantially, but the one who issues the curse receives the reprimand.  The blessing…the thing they wanted, desired, were praying and believing for is put on hold.

It’s why so many people, of all walks of life and faith and backgrounds try to figure out why their “breakthrough” hasn’t arrived yet…why nothing is going their way.  Their approach to life is not consistent…out of the heart, the mouth speaks, Scripture tells us.  If your heart is not fully right, neither will be your speech.

Subsequent conversations led to talking about influence and making investments in those around us.  Jesus shared the parable of the sower, who planted seeds and the seeds fell on various types of soul.  Some soil was hard, some was full of weeds and thorns, but some was good ground.  The soil is our heart and it is very much affected by its environment.  It is affected by the weather.  It is managed by a caretaker.

Are you the weather in someone’s life?  Is someone closed-up, angry and bitter?  Where you the storm in their life that made them that way?  Are you the care-taker…the one helping to clean up the damage in someone’s life?  We all have storms…we are all damaged.  The power of blessing and cursing plays significantly…both in bringing about damage to those around us and also to ourselves.  Jesus says to “bless those who curse you”….who speak all manner of evil against you and more.  The point that was made in the first conversation that brought about this topic, was that you are not blessing so that one will continue to be a curse.  You are blessing them to give opportunity for the weather in their life to change…in hopes that eventually there will be a difference in the soil of the heart.

What’s awesome, is the Jesus stood in the midst of the storm and simply spoke “Peace”.  Scripture says “Blessed are the peacemakers…”  each of us are capable of creating havoc and destruction; but it is the power of God within us to do greater things.  In order to be blessed, we must bless.  Nobody wants to be cursed, and yet the same principle is at work.  There is less turbulence at higher altitudes…rise above and watch the weather change.  Then help bring others up with you to experience what few do, but more should.

There you have it…my “Saturday Evening Post”.  And looking outside my window…the sun is out!


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