Plans ::: Meant to be made; meant to be changed; meant to be, nonetheless

A couple of emotional and spiritually frustrating circumstances have spurred much thought to the concept of making plans and understanding the plan[s] that God has for us.   The saying goes “The devil is in the details”.   I’ve discovered in recent days, that it is, indeed, God, who is in the details.

I’ve always known this to be true; that God is in the details.  Life; however, has a way of driving this point home.  Plans were meant to be made as nothing could be accomplished, approached or dreamed of without some notion of “okay, guys; here’s how this is going down”.  You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been.  You can’t figure out where you are to go if you don’t know from where you are starting.  We start in the dark, sometimes, perhaps.  We soon discover that being lost has lost its appeal and we begin to focus our attention to finding our way.  The plan comes together.

The spirituality of the matter, is that ultimately, there exists a master plan.  The plan of the Master.  To know the “sub” plan, requires knowing where we fit in the “big picture”.  If we do not understand God’s plan for our life, then our plan for our life will make little sense and will accomplish nowhere near what it could, had it been approached with the understanding of a sovereign God.

To have a life of meaning means you must give meaning to your life.  Furthermore, you must approach your life with the understanding that you have meaning.  You have purpose.  You were planned.  Armed with that understanding, it is imperative to figure out what you will do with your life, in order to minimize those “what in the world was I thinking?” moments.  A well-known finance guru calls these moments “stupid tax”.  Your friends and family probably just call these moments stupid.  To plan is to purpose.  To purpose is to take.  To step forward in the intended direction.  Missteps are how we wind up making mistakes.

Plans need to be made, yes.  Plans often change.  Some things I will never understand.  And that is perfectly good and well, as most of it is probably beyond my comprehension and understanding anyway.  Faith; however, forces…no…faith moves me.  Faith moves us to place our trust in the hands of Master and Creator God; the Ultimate Planner.  He has not forgotten any minute detail.  He has not overlooked any angle.  He has not been late on any deadline or overlooked any overlaps or gaps in the schedule.  His plan has been made and sometimes…even more often than we like or care to submit to;  our plans end up getting changed.

A sovereign God; however, reassures me.  Plans were meant to be, nonetheless.  His ways…his thoughts…his actions; they are perfection.  It is I, that resides in process.  Process by definition means that I am not complete and will therefore, be subject to adjustments, changes and unfortunately, the occasional reboot.  Purpose means I am not an accident and there is nothing that is without a reason.  A plan means there is hope…one day completion will  be attained.

Will there be flaws?  Unfortunately.  It’s called Character.  It’s called Love.  It’s how it all comes together.  Admiration.  Appreciation.  Praise.  The finished product makes it all worthwhile.  You will arrive; provided you press forward.  Plan to do so.  For as the saying goes “Failure to plan is a plan to fail”.  And a failure, you are not.


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