A Tribute ::: A Sovereign God, A Modern Hero of the Faith & A Miracle of a Life

Thousands upon thousands were touched by the tragic loss, of a man who proved to be of incredible faith; as his wife was went to be with Lord, after an incredible traffic accident.  An hour later, she gave birth to their firstborn, a daughter, Miranda Evangelene Cole.  In less than 80 hours, she, through the power of God and modern medical practice, lived a life of influence and impact that most could never fathom, let alone live to have.

In those same 80 hours, her father, did what most could only hope to be able to say they would do under similar circumstances.  He stood strong in His faith, that a sovereign God knew what He was doing.  During my commute home last night, I could not shake the attempt to figure out how one does this.  I commented throughout the day that I needed to stop reading the blog, or checking out the “Pray for Miranda” event page on Facebook, where as of this writing, over 44,400 people have united to lift the family up before the Lord in prayer.  I was sucked in, to the wonder and amazing of thousand of people, who as a dear friend noted, set aside political, philosophical, theological and denominational differences to unite behind the need of one man; that his daughter’s life would be spared.  And for less than 80 hours, God waited…as I imagined He watched from His throne and smiled; knowing that He had heard the prayers of thousands and had given them exactly what they had believed Him for : A MIRACLE.

As is always the case, with the sovereignty of God, it may not have been, seemed or looked like what we had hoped, dreamed and prayed it would be.  That, however, does not mean that it was not exactly what it still remains to be : A MIRACLE.  Ever since I heard the story of this tragic loss, I could not help but consider the faith of this father.  It may sound weird, but I trust that in a few moments, what I am about to write will make sense.

To You, Chad Cole…You have found favor with God.

Scripture often talks about the refining power of gold and the going through of testing and molding and perfecting, through situations, to become the masterpiece…a piece of the Master, that Creator God would desire you to be.  In working through this thought process, I was reminded about the concept of greatness and to whom much is given, much is required.  While we often think about this concept in the material and prosperity realm, it became very apparent to many of us, that we could not be entrusted to endure such tragedy with such grace.

For roughly 15 years, God has prepared Chad for such a time as this.  While I don’t personally know all that Chad has gone through during this time, I can only imagine that he handled this past weekend with such a phenomenal level of grace and faith, because he has approached his life, his family, his faith, his career and his church with an increasing level of grace and faith.  I have to believe this was due, in part, to having a help-mate, Sara, his wife…a woman of similar stature in her level of grace and faith.

Greatness has been given to you, Chad Cole.  Greatness has happened to you.  Greatness will come from you, as you journey through this life-altering event.  It is a journey for which you have been prepared.  Without even knowing you were ready to walk through the door, it is apparent to thousands, that you were found ready by God.  My eyes keep tearing up as I write this, as I wonder, if I would be as ready as you showed us you were.

A sovereign God has proven to the world, what man is capable of being able to endure.  I know the journey has just begun and I can not fathom how long the journey will be, but I can’t help but believe that God will lead you through.  Likewise, as you have been an example for all of us, I believe God will stand behind you.  You have shown yourself to a be man who God would stand up for; that God would defend; that God would move on your behalf.  You have walked through fire.

Not any of us could imagine going through this loss.  Yet you have inspired us all to believe that if we were called upon by God to be a testament of His faithfulness and sovereign providence, we would be ready for the floodgates of heaven to pour out the Master’s plan for our lives.  The few moments short of 80 hours of your daughter’s life, is a textbook example of this.   The floodgates of heaven..a short, yet powerfully profound life of a child, who I am forced to believe would have accomplished greater things than that of her father and mother, proved that every life, every triumph and every tragedy has a purpose.   God does have a plan…a perfect and masterful plan.  A plan full of sovereignty, grace and faith.

It remains beyond comprehension, yet, it has proven its existence.

Chad Cole ::: God’s hand has not left your life.

The days ahead will not be easy, as the previous days have not been difficult enough.  No one will tell you it will be easy.   You have seen the faithfulness of God and you have shown your faithfulness to the Father.   You can only do what you have shown the world you are capable of doing.  Breathe.  Trust God.  Pray.  Live a life a faith.  These you have done with excellence.  These we need to make perfect in our lives.  For where we are weak, He is our strength…and in Him we are made whole.

You have suffered great loss.  God will bring about a great completion.  He will see you through as you continue to seek His face.   We will continue to do so on your behalf.

With many tears, powerful prayers and great faith; we love and appreciate you, Chad Cole.   The miracle is not over and God is not done.  And a modern hero of faith will become greater still.


2 thoughts on “A Tribute ::: A Sovereign God, A Modern Hero of the Faith & A Miracle of a Life

  1. This heartfelt expression is awesome and touched my heart. I will never forget these 80 hours and the moments that Miranda came into my mind and heart. Gods blessings

  2. God’s Mercy and Grace are abound! How profound a time for this to happen, in a world where killings and unGodly activity is rampant, comes a small family and the unthinkable sorrow that touches their lives…. I visited the blog many times over the 80 hours that it was on and I think the moment that touched me the most is Chad’s statement ” I was able to sing my daughter into Heaven…” Thank You Chad for giving me a view into Christ’s unshakable Love….. May God cover you in this season of your life. and may you emerge the Beautiful Butterfly of Faith that we all need to experience! God Be with you…..

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