Designer Labels ::: New Life, New Wardrobe

I have to give credit where credit is due, for the idea behind this blog.  Sitting in service this morning, my Pastor commented on the effectiveness of AA.  It wasn’t a knock on the program, but on observation on the principle, that even after one has been sober for an extended period of time, they still “confess” that they are a recovering alcoholic.  While we understand that it is a process, the point that Pastor was making was that eventually you need to be known as something different…or by something different.  If the past is the past, then eventually the desire and need to be known as what you are “in the now” becomes apparent.

Thus, the idea behind this post.  Again, this is not a knock on any company, person or organization; simply an observation.  I don’t know this for a fact, but I imagine (as we’ve all heard similar stories) that people like Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Oprah and the like, probably used to buy clothes at the thrift store, garage sales or got new school clothes at Meijer’s or whatever small-town department store was available back in the day where $15 was a lot of money for a new pair of jeans.   However; as they made their fortunes, I’m sure the labels on the clothes they wore changed as well.   Even in this latest generation that probably wore Faded Glory (from Wal-Mart) now attend events and parties in the latest Ralph Lauren threads and Gucci accessories.    Likewise, I hope one day, I’ll be buying my wife a brand new Audi and not another $1500 Honda.  I’ve been told another Fiero is out of the question, even though the one I picked up for $700 has come and gone.

The same is true in our spirits; our beliefs and our attitudes.  Scripture, and as Pastor was pointing on, our faith and belief in God changes how we are known.  It also affects our attitudes, our outlook on life and the words we choose.  We do not want to be known by the past.  Inventor Ben Franklin experience many failure throughout his life.  However, he is known for his successes.  He is known for what worked, not what did not work.  When companies revamp and improve, they want to be known for what they have accomplished and done well in the now; not how they screwed up 25 years ago.   Case in point: Audi.  Building phenomenal, great looking and performing cars and setting sales records month after month, for quite a while now.  But in the mid-late 80’s…major corporate PR blunder in the performance and public perception of their vehicles.   It took them a solid decade to recover.

The bottom line is this:  There is fulfillment and meaning in life.  Our actions, attitudes and words have an effect, both on our own life and on the lives of those around us.  This should prompt us to want to do right.  To do better.  To be better.  Certainly grace and mercy, compassion and love, patience and positive reinforcement need to surround us and carry us through to the destination we desire to arrive; hopefully sooner than later.  However, it should also prompt to us to figure out “what we want to be when we grow up.”  The sooner we can implement the change that we want to be in the world, the sooner we will be and be known for that which matters.  Have you ever known or heard of anyone who it seems, anytime something happens in their life, someone is asking or thinking “what the heck?”?  I have.  Unfortunately.  And it frustrating, since you know, and want to believe, that they are capable of more.  But you don’t have anything else to go on.  There does not seem to be any evidence to the contrary.  And so, in our finite humanity, we label.

Pastor mentioned this in his sermon as well; that people are 1) known by their problem, but aren’t aware of it; 2) know their problem, but don’t share it…..and I drew a blank.  I think the third option was that only God knows about the problem, but neither people nor the person with the issue know about it.  It has yet to be revealed.  But something….”Murphy” will happen in life, followed shortly thereafter with a “where in the world did that come from moment”.   And then we will be known for that.

What will be known for?  When will you figure it out?  Who will help you?  How serious will you be about making the change?  How patient will you be during the process?  Who will be your support?  Finally, what will you allow God to do in and through you.  Not to get “all spiritual”, but there is evil and good in the world.  God cannot take part in both anymore than you would wear a $1000 suit with $50 dollar shoes.   Or $10,000 wedding dress with a $10 tiara.   Be all that you can be.  Be all that God wants you to be.   Be what you can be so that you can be, at the end of the day, YOU!

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