Just Start Over ::: It’s not a crisis

The other day, I took my daughter over to Grandma for a few moments.  During the course of playing w/ Grandma and just hanging out, she did her usual thing, of going from one game to another and seeing what she could get into.  She started building a tower with some blocks, and after it got about 8 or 9 blocks tall, it came tumbling down.  In typical, 2-yr old fashion, she made a face and proceed to fuss. Grandma, quickly trying to prevent it from being a big ordeal, energetically responded: “Just start over; it’s not a crisis!”

If only we could utter those exact words, with such calm and “matter-of-fact”-ness when something happens that is entirely different from what we thought, dreamed, imagined or envisioned.  Truth be told, starting over is really not the crisis we make it out to seem.  You will have the opportunity to start today over.  It is called tomorrow.  You did have the opportunity to start yesterday over.  It was called today.  You do have the opportunity to do an hour ago again. It is called NOW.  You will have the opportunity to correct your “manic Monday”.  It’s called “try it again” Tuesday. “Whatever works” Wednesday…..and yes, we love “Forget” Fridays and “Sleep-in” Saturdays.  “Take that” Thursdays are also fun, since most of us are at the “I don’t care all that much anymore” point in the week.

The cool actualization, is that as we go through life, progress is made. We are further along today than yesterday. We will move even farther forward tomorrow.  I hope.  The previous steps are easier to repeat once they have already been made.  Forging new steps, paths and futures require time, money, work, energy and sacrifice, yes. In addition to wisdom, counsel, searching and a host of other skills requiring your full attention, in order to get where you want to go.  To repeat, what you have already done; however, should come fairly easy…if for no other reason, than you’ve already been through it.

It is much like playing your favorite video game.  Mine is Need 4 Speed. In the “Most Wanted” edition of the game, there is the “Challenge” series, in which you are given a series of challenges to complete.  There are 60+ various challenges and most are “locked”; meaning you must complete the previous challenge (or challenges) to move onto the more difficult ones.  The harder the challenge, the more attempts I have I discovered I need to make in order to win one.  The hard ones are the tollbooth time trials.  You’ll have 4:35 to complete the challenge, which involves going through any number of tollbooths, at various intervals.  One interval will be 0:55, the next 1:38, etc; and that is how much time you have to get to the next tollbooth.  True to the name “Most Wanted”, cops, state troopers and the feds will be chasing you, while you try to get to the next tollbooth within the allocated time.  Needless to say, this takes more than one attempt. You lose trying to get to the second toll.  Try again.  You lose at the fifth toll.  Try again.  More cops mess you up. You lose before getting the third one this time. 25 seconds left and you’re almost to the final toll……..NOOOOOOOO…..I was SOOO THERE!!!! ARGH.  Time to start over. AGAIN. But now you know what you have to do, to get through all 7 tollbooths. An hour after starting a 4:35 challenge, you win.  Time. 4:32.  Sheesh, was that close!!

This is the story of life.  This opportunity almost happened.  It still can…where do I need to fine-tune my approach.  This business failed. What can I improve on?  What questions didn’t I ask, that had I had the answer, the outcome would have been different?  Which advice did I fail to heed?  Okay, that interview didn’t go so well. How can I be more prepared next time? You did something right in getting the interview…do that again.  Now just figure out the part that involves getting the job offer.  We all hate rebuilding.  However, it’s the first time around that carries the expense.  The research, the development, the build, the labor, the tools, the counsel…starting from scratch is expensive.  Having to “do it over” will still require time, energy and money, but it in no way should it be the “crisis” we make it out to be.  Yes, it is frustrating, yes, it is tiring and exhausting and hard to swallow.  Toss the controller, throw your hands in the air and scream “argh!” It’s okay.

Like mom always said and I’m sure she will tell her granddaughter in the years to come….”take 5 minutes and get over it.”  You know you can win.  You are confident you can beat the challenge.  Others have done so….you will as well.  Pick up the controller; press restart and focus.

“Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed.  One winner, forty-two losers.  I eat losers for breakfast.  Breakfast?  Maybe I should have had breakfast?  Brekkie could be good for me.  No, no, no, focus.  Speed.  Faster than fast, quicker than quick.  I am Lightning.” – Lightning McQueen.

Did you see the movie??  Even Lightning had set-backs and had to start over…ended up becoming a better racer, better car, better friend and a better citizen in the long run.  We should all learn from his example.  Except for maybe the white-wall tires.


5 thoughts on “Just Start Over ::: It’s not a crisis

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