Do What You Hate ::: Before it’s too late!

Yes, I understand the latest professional, personal and career advice is to discover your passion…find what you love and pursue that.  I totally agree.  You love what you are passionate about and as you pursue your passion, you will become perfect at it and people are willing to pay a premium for perfection.

An incredible steak dinner, a fine vintage wine, your premium brand of car, the latest, great fashion designer, the master homebuilder’s personal home…yes, cheap sells in volume, but perfection sells for top dollar.

I am not advising to pursue what you hate…but while you work out your passion, there are tasks that need to be done…that we hate doing.  I realized this while getting ready for work this morning.  A frustrating and freezing week and I’ve got quite a few things on my mind…a number of them I am trying hard not to worry about.  One in particular, is an issue because I hate the task.  Then I got a spiritual whack up side the head…the kind Agent Gibbs from NCIS would give.  “If you had been tending to this task the whole time, instead of putting it off because you hated it, this would not be worrisome for you.  But you did not, so now you find yourself in a state of worry and prayer, hoping it’s not as bad as you think it is.”  Wow.  If you are not getting anything from this, perhaps I am typing to help myself.  In either case…

What interesting is that, while doing what needs to be done, the thing you hate, you may actually, eventually come to like it.  The task may not be so bad.  You may come to do it without thinking about…it’s just part of the routine.  Who knows….you might actually like it enough to become good at it, possibly perfecting it.  I don’t know what task you find dreadful, but we all have things that have to be done that we hate.  If you don’t think that is true, do I need to remind that IRS season has begun?  We could probably generate a pretty long list, if we took the time to think about the things we hate to do.  However, like the IRS example, putting off the doing of things you hate could be detrimental.   To your health.  To your relationships.  To your job.  Your finances.  Even your faith?  Did I mention your health?

Furthermore…what opportunities do we miss because they involve tasks and activities that are on our “I won’t do that” list.  What a sobering thought…that your “I hate doing this” list could prevent you from pursuing the “I love what I do” ledger.  It might be something major that you are really going to need to “plow through” to get it accomplished…it may just be a matter of disciplining yourself to take a few minutes each day so that it’s taken care of and off your mind.

Whatever it is…do not let the items on your “hate list” go untended for too long.  It makes life harder with an increase in time, energy, stress, worry and money (and prayer?) needed to deal with later.  Something that we are all trying to avoid or save by pursuing our passion.  Find balance.  Minimize what you hate.  Increase what you love.  Fight the fights that need fighting and not just the ones you can win.  You may discover you’ll win more often.

Like these sub-zero temperatures, life requires that you “suit up”.  Do what needs to be done regardless of how you feel.  You’ll most likely feel better in the end regardless of how you feel in the beginning.


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