Look first ::: Words that could save you

Do you remember when we were kids?   Look both ways before crossing the street!  Drivers ed?  Look around the car, to make sure you don’t run over anything.  Check your mirrors before putting it in gear.   (If everyone did this, we would not be talking about legislating rearview cameras as standard equipment on all vehicles, but whatever).  You lose your wallet, purse, car keys, glasses, watch, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iPutthissomewhere, etc….and you ask for help and the response arrives on anticipating ears: “Did you look for it?”

Driving home the other night, in discussing my frustration in life with God, I realized the response we get frustrated with others for giving us, is the same question God presents to us.  “Did you look for it?”

In our frustration, exhaustion and tiredness, we often overlook the obvious, the “right in front of us” and the “how did you miss this” moments, finally calling for help.  God, in His sovereignty and simplicity, patiently asks, what I’m sure He has a hard time believing we would so easily miss.

Unfortunately, our response is almost never as gracious, forgiving or patient-sounding.  In anger…”Of course, I looked for it!!!!!!!!!!”  And patient God then asks how we missed it.

How much trouble and frustration and energy would we save ourselves and those around us, if we did the simple task that we were taught as children to do.  Look.  Much like having two ears to listen and only one mouth to talk, so we have two eyes, so that we can fully see what we are getting into and where we are headed before our feet take the first step and hands reach for the required tool.

Business experts and consultants, life coaches and goal-setters want you to focus on getting things done and doing things better and that is great.  I have plenty of room for improvement in those areas as well.  But before you take that first step and reach to accomplish the task, I challenge you to take a moment to breathe.  And while doing so….LOOK.  Is where you want to go, the direction you really should be heading?  Is what you want to do, really the most important thing to do?

As I’m writing this I realize, that like everything, balance needs to be in order.  Do not search so frantically and with great eagerness that you pass over the obvious.   While many things are way too simple and too good to be true, many things do not and are not as complex as we make them out to be, need to be or simply exist.

Faith.  Prayer.  Common Sense.  Wisdom.  These qualities will go a long way in reducing those “This is not where I wanted to be; this is not what I wanted to do; this is not what I wanted.  Period.” moments.

Increase your level of awareness and become perfect at that and you’ll find the doing and going of life has a good chance of becoming considerably easier to handle and manage.   I, for one, could use less stress and frustration while gaining more energy and perspective on what matters most.

LOOK:  This might just save your life.


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