Start. Win. Quit. ::: One of these is not like the others

In the experience of my own life and in the course of people who I come in contact with on a daily basis and hearing some incredible stories, the concept of quitting keeps arising.   Quitting has many different contexts, depending on what the subject matter is.   It can be good for your health, but devastating to your career.   It could be the right career move but detrimental to your family.  We’ve all heard the clichés about quitting…mostly the one about never winning.   However, I challenge you to ask yourself how many quitters ever start in the first place?

Nobody trains for the Boston Marathon with the idea that they will not complete it.  The entrepreneur does not start his new business venture with the notion that he will give up in a few months or a few years…certainly not after one or two bad weeks of meetings.  I hope no one would enter a relationship predetermined that it would not work out long term…although, we probably know of or have heard of someone who does think in that manner.  I know things change and we’ll get there in a moment.

In thinking about this for the past day or two, I sat in church this morning when the Pastor stated these words; “As the danger rises, so should your courage rise with it.”  Wow.   As life gets more frustrating, you should be moved to become more determined.  As you feel more exhausted, find things to do that give you great energy.  The more things you don’t understand, seek counsel and wisdom and prayer, in an effort to become more understanding.  Quitting is not the same as completion.  If you don’t start with the plan to finish, then starting is a waste of time and energy…not to mention a waste of support for those who are trying to encourage you do to what you said you would like to do.   Encourages are hard to find and if you do not honor than encouragement by possessing a “quitter” attitude then you have done both the encourager and the next person who needs that word, a great disservice.

You have been there.   Like me, you’ve said “I’ve had it.  I’m done.  I can’t take it anymore, I can’t do it anymore, It’s not worth it anymore”…..etc, etc.   Then the person looks at you all worried and you realize you need to do some reassuring.  I’m not taking my life, quitting my job, leaving my spouse, abandoning my friends, giving up on God, leaving the church and walking away.

If you are not going to do that, then what will you do?  Heed the sage words of Gunnery Sargent Tom Highway.  (Clint Eastwood, in Heartbreak Ridge).  “Improvise.  Overcome.  Adapt”

Plans change; business ventures end up not working out; marriage and relationships and family can feel like a full-time job; companies do their thing in an effort make a buck; medical issues arise;  cars break down and churches get new pastors.   Just because the weather had its way with the lay of the land, does not mean you quit the race because the course looks different from what it appeared to be on the map.

You improvise.  You overcome.  You adapt.   You find a way to adjust.  You improve.  You find another job.  You communicate with those you love, seek help and pray…both doing everything possible to make it work.  I know….these are all easier said than done.  That does not mean they can not be done.  It just means that in order to win in life, you will need to be prepared.   Determined to finish.  Ready to fight.  Prepared to engage.  Focused on being greater than he who will come against you.  Confident in your creativity to make it work.  Ready.  Willing.  Able.  To Improvise.  To Overcome.  To Adapt.  Ready to Start.  Ready to Win.

Quit is nowhere to be found.  It is not because he does not exist; he does.   He simply does not live in your neighborhood.  He does not live in your support system.  He does not hide in your finances.  He does not hitch a ride in the trunk.   He is not in your vocabulary and therefore, he is not in the grandstand of your life with the loudest voice.   Start.  Finish. Win.   Quitting is so out-of-place.  The only reason people recognize it is because it does not belong.  Not anywhere.  Not with anyone.  Just keeping doing what you are doing.  Breathe and all else can be accomplished.


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