Preparation ::: It’s not cheap, nor is it optional

This morning, I went to work frustrated.  This afternoon, I left work frustrated.  What changed?  Well, nothing.  Which was, unfortunately, part of the problem.  Actually, one thing did change.  My feet were frozen, from the single digit temperatures, accounted for windchill.  On the drive home, I got to thinking about the circumstances surrounding my frustration, […]

Do What You Hate ::: Before it’s too late!

Yes, I understand the latest professional, personal and career advice is to discover your passion…find what you love and pursue that.  I totally agree.  You love what you are passionate about and as you pursue your passion, you will become perfect at it and people are willing to pay a premium for perfection. An incredible […]

Look first ::: Words that could save you

Do you remember when we were kids?   Look both ways before crossing the street!  Drivers ed?  Look around the car, to make sure you don’t run over anything.  Check your mirrors before putting it in gear.   (If everyone did this, we would not be talking about legislating rearview cameras as standard equipment on all […]

Life: Not for the faint of heart

With all the talk and arrival of the New Year and people discussing goals and dreams and things they want to accomplish, do differently and forget about from 2010, the word “challenge” kept coming up.   What have we overcome?  What kicked us in the behind?  What looms on the horizon? I’m usually not one for […]